Top 6 Interesting GoPro Accessories Wish You Have Right Now

GoPro accessories

Recently I bought a new GoPro and started capturing simple images/videos with it, but when I saw a couple of gentlemen who capture something amazing with their GoPro which I can’t able to capture.

so what’s the difference??, do you know the difference  ?? anyhow, after some time of real investigation and hard work, I know the difference !! and it’s their awesome GoPro accessories which they use to capture stunning images.

There are lots of new and interesting GoPro accessories available in the market right now, which you know.

but you also know that not every single accessory is the best and good enough, so that’s an issue isn’t it?

So I decided to find out some best GoPro accessories which are long-lasting and also used by mostly every GoPro lover to capture stunning photos and videos.

in this article, I am sharing some of the best and interesting GoPro accessories for you.

This might be good GoPro accessories for those who want to capture really awesome action shots and videos with their GoPro.

GoPro accessories

so now without wasting any second, let’s get started.

Top 6 interesting GoPro accessories wish you have right now

all these GoPro accessories are totally unique and trending in the market right now, because of their own quality and brand.

you can buy all of these  GoPro accessories in a good amount of price from Amazon.

Here is the list of top 6 GoPro accessories

1.SplitGadget’s Split Dome GoPro port

2.GoPole Scene lapse

3.GoPro Head Strap Mount + Quick Clip

4.GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery

5.GoPro Remote

6.3-way camera mount

mostly each of these products or GoPro accessories are made by official GoPro, and also all these awesome GoPro accessory are ranked on Amazon’s bestseller list, so there is no chance of bad quality product.

1.SplitGadget’s Split Dome GoPro port

did you see any photos which are captured under and above the water??? or do you really want to capture that kind of awesome images with your GoPro when you want to sea, lake or any pool ??.

if yes then your wait is over!!!, now you can able to capture these two beauties of the world in one shot with your GoPro.

but…how to capture that kind of images, that’s a question you are asking me right now !! right??.

So using this Split Dome you can able to capture this magic.

basically, this product is made by splits.

GoPro accessories

see these stunning images which are captured using these split dome.

GoPro accessories

GoPro Accessories

find more Awesome Images

this Split dome moves the water line away from your GoPro lens, so your GoPro remain safe and waterproof, and at the and it gives you 50-50 result, which is above and under the water.

● Pros

  1. improves underwater Photography.
  2. These dome ports minimize the effects of refraction.
  3. Gives you more sharp images because of your GoPro camera which contains a nearly infinite depth of field and a wide-angle lens.
  4. The dome can be mounted on any stick, pole, grip that uses the GoPro mount.
  5. Contain CARBON FLOATY GRIP, very lightweight and long-lasting.

● Cons

  1. Must need to wash the dome with fresh water after seawater use

● Perfect customers for the product.

If you are a big GoPro lover and like to travel the world with your GoPro then this product is really good to capture really amazing shots.

Also if you like to capture some unique photographs with your action cameras then you can also buy this Split Dome GoPro port.

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■ Key features and benefits of SplitGadget’s Split Dome GoPro port

1. This Split Dome port is perfect for your GoPro because it contains a nearly infinite depth of field and a wide-angle lens, so you can able to capture in-depth photographs.

2. This Dome port comes in three different version and this dome is compatible with Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4, Hero5 Black and new GoPro Hero6 Black.

3.with this dome you’ll also get a handheld floaty grip which is made out of carbon(3 times as strong as steel) and with all the necessary bolts and screws, so you don’t need any other GoPro accessories to use this Dome.

with this accessories, you’re good to go.

4. The port is made out of high-quality acrylic material and durable ABS plastic, so the overall quality of the port is too good and affordable.

5.this dome is waterproof up to 30m.

6.if you want to remove the Camera Housing then you can do it easily.

lots of people ask me that if I use this dome then can I able to watch my GoPro’s LCD screen so YES you can able watch the LCD screen. can also able to mount your Dome with any selfie stick which uses the GoPro mount, so you can able to click stunning selfies under and above the water by yourself, and that’s pretty amazing.

But here is one good suggestion from my side, if you want to capture selfie then you must need selfie stick or you may have one but don’t use the normal selfie.

look for one that has a folding arm the main reason behind using folding stick is that Folding stick helps you keep the stick out of the shot, that’s the good thing about folding stick.

don’t worry if you don’t know any good folding stick.

in this article, you’ll find a best folding stick for your Split Dome later.

8. If you want to use a tripod then you can also able to use a tripod with this Dome.

(to use a tripod you just need to remove the tripod mount at the end which comes with the dome and used it to attach the dome to tripods or anything else that uses the tripod sized screw.)

you can also use these tripod to capture normal images.

■ Bonus Tips To capture Rich Quality Images with your Split Dome

if you want to capture really stunning images with your GoPro using this dome then capture all images in RAW format, which gives you really high-quality images.

if you are asking me why we need to capture images in Raw Format then here is the article which tells you why the RAW format is 100 time betters then JPEG format.

■ What You Get inside the PACKAGE

  • Split GoPro Dome Port
  • Camera housing (same as a Super suit for Hero5!)
  • Split Carbon Floaty Grip
  • Tripod mount with long screw
  • Wrist Strap

If you like this Split Dome and want to capture that 50-50% images with your GoPro then this is the best one to buy.

if you like to buy this product then please visit the official website of these Split Dome.

A big request from my side: if you like any of these GoPro accessories then please comment below and tell me your best go pro accessory which you like to buy.
if you are a traveler then you MUST demand a good quality backpack.

2.GoPole Scene lapse

This is the coolest product on our list, the Scene Lapse.

Basically using this GoPole Scene lapse you can able to capture panorama photos and videos.

this is not the end, because this Scene lapse spins up to 360° in 60 minutes, that thing makes this product more interesting, and that’s the reason why people like this GoPro accessory.

GoPro accessories

you can also able to change the angle as you wish to get best panorama shots or videos.

this Scene lapse Screws onto almost any tripod, that’s the good thing and another good thing is that this product Compatible with all GoPro HERO Models.

GoPro accessories

This product is officially made by GOPOLE.

● Pros

1.  This Scenelapse is really good to capture panorama shots and video.

2. This Scenelapse is Compatible with mostly all GoPro action camera like HERO4 Session, HERO4, HERO+LCD, HERO, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2, HD HERO.

3. Built-in quality is too good, but I don’t get why people are saying that it is made of cheap material.

● Cons

1. it’s very cheap *-* and you must need to take care of your GoPro while using this product.
2. The same effect can be achieved with a kitchen timer

● Key Features of GoPole Scene lapse

1.Removable GoPro Connection can mount GoPro or any other camera.
3. You can able to change the time limit between 0-60 minutes.

if you want to record only 180 degrees then you can set your Scenelapse manually.

4. Contain 1/4″-20 tripod screw hole for attaching Scenelapse to tripods so there is no change of any damage, this Scenelapse sticks to any tripod very easily.

5.Compatible with any GoPro camera.

■ Who is this product for?

If you like to capture some time-lapse video or want to shoot time-lapse videos as a hobby then this product is cool for you.

If you like this awesome GoPro accessory then you can simply Check this out here

For US User

For Indian User

3.GoPro Head Strap Mount + Quick Clip

If you like any cool sports like biking, surfing, snowboarding, skydiving, baseball, cricket or cycling etc and want to shoot your action with your GoPro then this product is really great for you.

using this strap Mount you can able to shoot what you see, and that’s the cool thing about this product.

GoPro accessories

You just need to attach your GoPro to your head using GoPro QuickClip.

this product is officially made by GoPro.

● Pros

1.QuickClip allows you to attach your GoPro to backward caps, helmet and more.

2.This Head strap is fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

3.Very adjustable

4.This product is Compatible with all GoPro cameras.

5.This GoPro Head Strap and a quick clip are totally secure.

6.This product is very lightweight.

● Cons

1.this product works better if you wear a helmet if u wear it on your head it can fell from it(sometimes). must need to insert screw properly.

● Key Features

You can use this product everywhere.

looks a little weird. (Personal Experience), but when I attach the camera Mounts onto my biking helmet and after viewing some clip I realized this product worths a lot.

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.you can easily attach your GoPro using the Quick Clip.

One Bonus Tip: put the camera on a high frame rate to get smoother videos.

■ Who is this product for?

If you are a sport-person plus a GoPro lover then this product is very useful for you.

or even if you like to capture some action videos while riding a bike or any other vehicle then this product really belongs to you.

What you get Inside the BOX

total three things you get with this product.

1.Head Strap.
3.Thumb Screw.

a good product isn’t it ?? so if you like this product and want to use this product then you can easily buy this from Amazon,just check this out.

For Indian User

For Us User

4.GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery

This is the fourth GoPro accessory in our list which is a combination of the battery charger and a battery.

if you travel a lot and don’t remember when to charge your GoPro then this product is really helpful for you.

basically, this product contains a battery charger and one battery so it charges two GoPro batteries simultaneously with the Dual Battery Charger.

GoPro accessories

and this interesting GoPro accessory made by GoPro.

● Pros

  1. includes one battery which contains 1220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  2. you can able to charge your batteries with USB port so if you don’t have any big power source to recharge your batteries then you can easily connect this USB port with your laptop and other devices to charge it.(USB contain Type C port.)
  3. charges your batteries up to 45% faster than any other devices.
  4. you can able to charge your batteries while you use your GoPro camera so you can able to capture good photos constantly.

● Cons

The combo of Dual Battery Charger and Rechargeable Battery is only available for HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black

■ Who is this product for?

So if you just love to capture beautiful shots with your GoPro endlessly and don’t want to remember about charging your GoPro camera’s batteries then this product is really helpful for you.

or if you are a traveler and reach someplace where you can’t able to recharge your batteries then you can use this product.

or even if you travel a lot then this might be a good product for you.

for daily use, you can also buy this product, its cheap and quality product which you get from official GoPro so its a big deal for you.

If you are Thinking that you are the ONE who already looking for a product like this, then you can easily check this out on Amazon.

For US User

For Indian User

5.GoPro Remote

This product is one type of Remote which is officially made by GoPro.

this GoPro Remote controls all your Camera’s functions, shutter and on/off button with all settings.

within this remote, you get one HiLight tag to mark key moment while you record some outstanding videos.

GoPro accessories

and you also get access to the settings/Tag button to quickly change settings.

● Key Features

1. The range of the Remote is 600ft(180m) that’s pretty cool.

2. You can handle this remote up to 50 cameras at a time.

3. This remote is totally waterproof to 33 feet (10 Meters).

4. If you don’t like to carry this remote then you can simply attach it to your gear.

GoPro accessories

5.this remote have Built-in LCD mirrors so you can see quick confirmation of camera functions and settings

6. You can use this remote with almost every GoPro camera (compatible with HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, HERO4 Black,
HERO4 Silver, HERO Session, HERO3+ (Settings/Tag button not compatible), HERO3 (Settings/Tag button not compatible), HERO+ LCD, HERO.). can able to access every single function of your GoPro camera using this remote.

● Cons

1.the HiLight tag feature which we are talking about is only available with HERO6 Black, HERO5, HERO4 and Session cameras. remote die in cold weather

3.sometimes have connection issues with Hero 6, but you can able to reconnect your Remote with your GoPro in a second.

■ Who is this product for?

1.if you’re one of them lazy boy/girl and like to handle your GoPro with your Smartphone application then this product is a really better option for you.

2.when you can’t see your GoPro and still want to capture or record some outstanding photographs or videos at that time you can use this Remote.

so if you are looking for good GoPro remote to handle your GoPro Cameras then this product is 100% made for you, just check this out.

For Indian User

For US user

6. 3-way camera mount

Here is the last and most interesting GoPro accessory on our list.

you can use this mount in three different ways that’s why it is called as a 3-way camera mount.

you can use this camera mount as a grip
2.selfie stick

GoPro accessories

and the main thing is that this interesting GoPro accessory made by GoPro, so the built-in quality of this product is really good.

● Pros

  • if you need selfie stick or camera grip or even a tripod to capture beautiful photographs with your GoPro then its better to choose 3-way camera mount instead of buying every single product separately.
  • best to capture POV (point of view) shots,follow-cam footage, and selfies.
  • capture selfies without the mount appearing in the shot.
  • you can disconnect the handle from your arm and used it as a camera grip.
  • totally waterproof so you can use it inside as well as outside of the water.
  • lightweight and easy to use.

● Cons

  • only works on a hard surface and leveled ground.
  • you must need to take care of the screws, if you lost anyone screw then you can’t able to use this product.

■Best Customer For This Product

if you like to do climbing, hiking, skiing. and want to capture awesome POV shots, selfie then this camera mount is really helpful for you.

or if you love traveling and don’t want too many GoPro accessories then this 3 in 1 camera mount is really the best choice for you.

lots of beginners who like to capture good images with their GoPro and don’t want to spend extra money on a bunch of GoPro accessories then this product is best for you.

You can check this 3-way camera mount here

For Indian User

For US User

and that’s the end…

I want to to thank you, every one of you, who found time to contribute to this article which is related to best GoPro Accessories! Cheers!

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