Simple but important Landscape Photography tips 2019

Landscape Photography

Landscapes are one of the  MOST beautiful things in this world, what you say huh ??, whenever any photographer or not even a photographer drive through a landscape, he/she must like to capture at list one image.

and the reason behind this is that landscapes attract human immensely, there is no way to stop it and its really cool thing you know, and landscapes are one part of nature, and who doesn’t like to capture the nature !??.

So if you want to capture such a good looking images of landscape with or without your model then you must need to remember this thing, which you learn in next two minutes.

so now let’s understand how to do landscape photography step by step.

Landscape Photography

first of all, let’s understand why landscape photography is more trending in this real world.

as we know landscapes are totally natural so the first thing is that we cant shoot that type of feelings in any type of other indoor photography or even photoshoot.

another thing is that the view of landscapes are so beautiful and the low light of the sun and blue sky with some good cloud makes the overall structure of your photograph better.

which you cant archive when you are doing other types of photography.

So the main reason is that every photographer sees what he/she like to see, but remember your D-SLR captures what’s the reality, its give you the real pictures, and this types of weather and place make your job too much easy to get sharper and more beautiful images.

now you know why this type of photography is more important, but there is one big problem.

if you don’t know how to handle your DSLR then you cant able to archive success, so for this, we need to understand some simple rules and tricks to get better images.

so now let’s understand how to capture best landscape photographs.


Simple but important Landscape Photography tips

Landscape Photography

1.When is more Important than What While doing landscape photography

So the main reason for “When is more Important than What…While doing landscape photography”, is that you can’t do this type of photography in every situation.

like if you are shooting with some of your object or model and you want blurred background then you cant able to capture landscapes.

So if you really want to do landscape photography then you must need to understand when to click.

  • List of most popular landscapes where you can do landscape photography or capture better landscapes

  1. Forest
  2. when there is too much cloud available in the sky
  3. flowing water
  4. When you find reflection of your object
  5. mountains
  6. desert
  7. empty road
  8. sunshine or sunset
  9. sea-coasts

Now you know which places are better to capture the landscape or to do this type of photography.

now let’s understand some basic tips to improve your landscape photography or how to capture landscape photography if you find the best landscape place.

This all tips are so easy to capture your best landscape shots, no matter if you are using prime D-SLR or lens.

2. Capture always full resolution

So as we talk before, doing landscape photography is quite easier when you capture full resolution images, the main reason behind this all is that when you capture full resolution images you get whole environment and subject.

and in landscape photography, more objects is equal to more clarity and this all gives you prettier landscape photographs.

Landscape Photography

To click full resolution you must need to learn aperture, so for this make your aperture much large (small number), so you can able to capture full resolution image, with sharper clarity.

3.Add some Creativity into your Landscape photographs

So normal landscape photography is not much cooler then creative landscape photography, so add some Creativity into your photographs while doing this type of photography, not get this point ?? let’s understand this….

Let’s  assume you are capturing landscape photographs and your object is flowing water, so you capture an image like this …

Landscape Photography

this image is cool but not the best one.

if another photographer is there then he also can able to capture that type of image and its common, and that’s not big deal.because every photographer like to capture amazing images.

Now see this image

Landscape Photography

that’s it…now you can see the difference between this two images, and if i am asking you which one is better you always say second one…that’s the magic of your creativity.

now you are thinking how you can capture this types of images ?? hmm…… don’t worry its too easy to capture images like this here is the secret

  • Shutter-speed

So if you are shooting landscapes like

  • Cloud
  • empty road(evening)
  • flowing water

then shutter-speed add lots of importance to your overall landscape photographs.

So for this types of situations to add more creativity…just make your shutter-speed between 1 to 3 sec but to capture landscape photography with using shutter-speed I can’t tell you the perfect seconds to capture your images because it totally depends on the object or landscapes.

so normally if you want to capture images like flowing water then simply make shutter-speed between 0-2 seconds.

  • ISO

ISO  matters to capture good quality images you can improve your overall performance in landscape photography using ISO.

so the basic rule of ISO is that when there is high light outside (high sunlight) when you are capturing mountains with high sunlight then decrease your ISO around 100-400 or if you want to capture more brighter images then make your ISO high around 800-1600,.

as shutter-speed,ISO also depends on the environment to capture better landscapes.

if you want to learn or know more about ISO and Shutter-Speed then here you go….


4- use tripod to hold the position

So if you are capturing images with using shutter-speed and you make shutter-speed around 5-10 sec to add more smoothness in your landscape photograph, then to hold the position you must need a tripod.

Landscape photography

if you haven’t bought any tripod yet then check this out to buy a new tripod with good quality and cheapest rates.

also while doing night photography to make your photographs more attractive you must need a tripod.

you may like this

5 – every time landscape photography?

To do much better landscape photography, you must need to understand when to do landscape photography.

so its totally depens on environment to capture best landscaps.

6. Combination of Cloud + water + landscapes makes your day perfect

So, photographer’s are luckier if they find the combination of this three natural element.

because of this, every photographer gets much better landscape photographs, or every photographer really interested to do landscape photography, because of this types of beautiful environment.

So find that types of environment to shoot landscape photography.

that’s my blessing for you.if you find something like all this combination than just share your pictures with me, I definitely like to see.

so that’s all about landscape photography, hope you guys like it, if you like it then share it.thank you.



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