13 EASY but important travel photography tips for beginners

travel photography tips

Trying to improve photography skills? Well! Today, we are gonna show you some awesome travel photography tips for beginners.

If you love traveling and want to keep the memory for your lifetime, these tips can help you in several ways. So, let’s have a look at the most amazing travel photography tips.

EASY but important travel photography tips for beginners

these travel photography tips help you to catch more awesome photos while you’re traveling with your family, friends or even alone.

this article works with every single camera, so there is no problem if you own a mirrorless camera or DSLR camera or even an action camera.

these travel photography tips contain lots of new points and techniques which helps you to improve your overall photography performance.

so now, without talking more about benefits let’s learn some great way to capture best photos while traveling.


at the end of every single tip, we drop some useful resources, so make sure you read it, those resources help you to improve your travel photography performance very quickly.


1. Learn The Camera

When the discussion of photography comes out, a camera is a must element here.

As there are several types of cameras around us, it becomes tough to choose only one sometimes.

Another fact here is to invest in the proper camera is important.

If the functionalities are not adjustable for you, it can be a waste of money. So, be very careful to choose a camera and learn it in depth. Don’t forget to study the menu and each and every setting including the limitations.

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2. Focus On Timing

A perfect photo can be captured at a perfect time.

Choosing the right time is really crucial for this. The question is what is that time? It’s most probably at the time of sunrise and sunset.

Most of the professionals and experts say like that. Why? Look, when the sun rises and it goes down in the evening, nature becomes amazing and comes out with a new beauty.

So, if you expect to pick the best photos, you have to be aware of the timing.

3. Take Permission Before Shoot

Travel photography is not like product photography. Why I am saying like this? Well! When you are traveling, you meet new people in new places.

They are not known to you. If you want to capture them, you need to take permission. It shows kindness and respect to the people.

When you ask permission before the shoot, they will help you to take better photos. If someone doesn’t allow, respect his/her decision.

4. Use A Tripod

When you are going to take photos at the time of your traveling, a tripod can be a great tool. It helps to capture photos at dawn and dusk.

To take some amazing images at night and in unique angles, a tripod is very essential.

Another reason to use it is keeping yourself safe from risky positions. Not every place is safe to capture by holding the camera in your hand.

It maintains any camera replacement easily. Thus, a small or large tripod (as per your need) can be your best friend in your travel photography.

5. Keep Patience

Patience is a must thing for a photographer. To capture an interesting scene or event, you have to be patient.

When you are a travel photographer, you need to wait for a sunset or sunrise, or for a proper element.

Sometimes, you have to wait two or three hours to capture someone doing a task in the field or somewhere. You have to observe the situation to capture it. To find the best light and a long-term view, it needs time.

6. Think Different

whether you are going to take interesting and beautiful photos, you need to think outside the box.

Being creative is sometimes very special and important for a travel photographer.

The angel, lighting, background, and many more things do matter to capture a perfect photo. Try to bring some creative ideas and shoot photos in different positions.

7. Back Up Your Photos

For a travel photographer, keeping an external file to back up photos is very crucial.

Back up your daily photos and start a new session the next day.

Keeping the files in more than one places can be a useful way to save your photos.

8. Be Aware of Locations

As you are a travel photographer, you need to be more aware of locations to take the best possible pictures.

Sometimes, you have to focus on local places and sometimes in very rare places as well.

Every location has its own different beauty and value. So, you can’t mix up the two at a time. When you are at a museum, the view will be not the same as the side of a river.

So, when you are going to a new location, research the place. A perfect location will add charm to your photography.

9. Shoot In Proper Modes

You will need to capture photos in several modes.

DSLR camera

Most of the times it will not work only in auto mode. So, learn to shoot the photo in manual mode.

As a beginner, it may be a tricky thing to understand all the manuals and settings of a camera.

Try to learn the settings slowly and it will help you to take control of the images you shoot in different angles.

10. Shoot As Many As You Can

You can’t define the quality of an image just by a click. Sometimes it takes hundreds of shots to get the perfectness.

So, capture as many as you can. Many experts suggest this idea as it can be risky to be dependant on only one or a few photos.

11. Know The Angles

Not every picture can be taken at the same angle. This is one of the most important travel photography hints for beginners.

When you shoot a picture of an ocean, it has a different angle to capture.

On the other hand, the angle will change when you shoot the Eiffel Tower. So, it’s essential to learn the angles of travel photography. Pick from several angles and choose the suitable one after it is done.

12. Focus On Post Processing Work

Post processing is another vital task after shooting your photos.

It is mostly known as photo editing or retouching service. You will often need some correction even after trying to capture the photos perfectly.

Most of the professionals take this service from an expert photo editing service provider, who/which can provide the best in it. So, focus on post-processing task after completing your job.

13. Spend More Time In Photography

It seems a very common and usual term for a photographer. But why are you hearing this again? Well! A photographer has to be more focused on photography than technology.

It’s a horrible fact that attachment with technology can affect badly in your task in several ways.

Concentrate on taking quality photos while you are traveling, not in uploading to social media or websites.

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Wrap Up

So, we have reached the finishing point.

You got some of the top travel photography tips. Hopefully, you will learn some basic ideas to take the best quality photos.

Besides these, which instructions do you follow as a beginner in travel photography? Let us know your tips that can help our audiences. Till then, keep practicing!

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