DSLR vs smartphone camera | DSLR cameras are the best?

difference between mobile Camera and Digital Camera

These days expensive smartphones are costlier than any entry-level DSLR camera, so lot’s of my readers are getting confused between this so-called hot topic DSLR vs smartphone camera.

actually, they don’t know why everybody talking more and more about DSLR and smartphone camera, they don’t even know some cool features of an entry-level DSLR and smartphone camera, do you know ??.

if you are confused and don’t know the genuine features then this article helps you a lot to get a better understanding of DSLR and smartphone camera.

it also helps you to choose the best product for you to capture good photographs.

so now, without talking more about these two things, let’s get started.

DSLR vs smartphone camera | DSLR cameras are the best?

There are many smartphones available which have a good camera quality but after the successful launching of Apple iPhone 7 Plus everything got changed.

because this masterpiece contains two cameras on the rear, and that looks pretty awesome.

also, the picture quality of that iPhone was just awesome, and the most eye-catching point is that two lenses.

because of two lenses, you can capture images which contain blurry background effect like DSLR camera and also some cool selfie filters.

may you like this

back in 2016, that type of smartphones are too expensive, but in 2019 you can easily purchase any smartphones which contain two cameras on the rear under 15k/250$, and that’s a very important thing.

you can buy xiaomi (MI)/Samsung /vivo/oppo’s smartphone under that price range, and the result of every single camera is just awesome.

but here is the main point, why most people get confused between these two devices ??.

here are some common and important points which you must need to know before comparing these two products.

DSLR cameras are very expensive ??

  • that’s not entirely true, first of all, there are many smartphones available which are costlier they entry-level DSLR cameras like canon 1300D or Nikon D3300.
  • on the other side if you are interested in mirrorless cameras then you need to spend more money because Mirrorless cameras are more costly then DSLR camera.
  • if you just want a prime lens with your camera body then you can buy that kind of DSLR camera under 25k INR, and if there is any festival season then you can easily get it under 22k-20k INR.

Best DSLR cameras under 50k for Indian youtubers – 2019

so if you love photography and thinking to buy a new DSLR camera they buy it, still if you are thinking that DSLR cameras are very expensive that it’s your myth.

I just created a quick difference between these two products.

which tells you why DSLR cameras are better than smartphones and also proves why smartphone cameras are better than DSLR camera.

DSLR vs smartphone cameraDSLR vs smartphone camera

as you can see there is way difference between DSLR camera and a smartphone camera.

without knowing your needs you can’t able to decide which one is best for you.

if you love photography just for timepass or even if you love photography just for fun then a smartphone is the best gadget for you in 2019.

but if you want to build your career in this photography world then just learn photography with smart-phone.

and buy an entry-level DSLR camera as soon as possible, but if you are already a pro then you can do what you like :).

there are lots of reasons available to choose DSLR camera instead of a smartphone no matter if it’s about image quality, image size or for editing purpose.

till 2019 there are many smartphones available which contain more megapixels.

but they are very expensive or some of them do not contain those cool features of smartphone which other smartphones have.

so that must be your call, you need to choose the genuine product.

that’s all, you need to know and understand before buying any new DSLR/smartphone for your photography purpose.

hope you like this so-called hot topic ‘DSLR vs smartphone camera’, thank you for reading this article, if you like it then please share it. have a good day ;).


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