21 easy but never used portrait photography tips you should know – 2019


You are One of these Beginners who is looking for Portrait photography tips???, then don’t worry find most important and easy portrait photography tips in this article.

if you are totally beginner and dont even know the meaning of portrait photography then first of all you must need to know the meaning of portrait photography with some basic examples.

after reading this article i say that you know something about portrait photography.

now lets understand….

why portrait photography??

so the main reason behind shooting portrait photography is that using this types of photography you can make your image more creative.

If you are looking to capture awesome portrait photographs with your small lens so you must need to know all the basic portrait photography tips.

so before you start capturing images with all this pro portrait photography tips remember that This article helps you in all condition if you are shooting indoor, outdoor, high sunlight, low light etc.

portrait photography tips

I am sharing my own experienced top 21 professional tips to take your portrait photography to next level.

in this article, we learn basic settings, like ISO, shutter speed, aperture etc to make your image more bold and good looking.

also, portrait photography tips related to your model, and some eye-catching poses,flash-light,camera-equipment etc we’ll discuss in this article.

so…let’s begin.

21 easy but never used portrait photography tips you should know

1.Most Needed Camera Settings To shoot your best portraits

So there are lots of setting you must have to do before capturing your first portrait photograph.

settings like ISO, Shutter-speed or Aperture etc, if you want to learn ISO and Shutter-speed then i’ll share some best resources where you can understand ISO and Shutter-speed very briefly.

Aperture Advice

So this is what I am talking about, as you know shutter-speed and ISO are too easy to understand and Aperture is same as this settings.

Normally if you want to capture better portraits with aperture then set a wide aperture (around f/2.8-f/5.6), so because of this, you get a really sharper image with the much better-blurred background.

when you make your aperture at low then it gives you sharper and darker images.that’s why if you are shooting with aperture then choose mode aperture priority to get a better experience of portrait photography.


2.Place Selection

That’s also an issue while thinking to shoot portrait photography.

tell me if your place selection is not much better, like its too much noise, or dusty then your model may look not good after all, your overall photo looks not good.

portrait photography tips
so choose a place which is noise free and contain good colorful backgrounds.

like an ocean or some natural places.

3.Weather Selection

As we know place selection is impotent to capture portrait photographs, like this weather is also plays a very impotent role to give you better portrait.

if you are shooting in high sunlight then you need to understand exposure and also need some off flash equipment like flashgun and that idea makes our portrait photography too much expensive.

4.Camera Equipment

Actually, you may surprise but there is no need for extra equipment to capture portrait photographs.

you just need One D-SLR and Lens.

if your lens is 18-55mm then you can able to capture portrait photographs but for this distance matter if your distance from your model is too much then you can’t able to get a blurry background.

5.Know Your Model

This is the most important portrait photography tips if you want to capture beautiful portraits.

If you are shooting portrait photography first time then this point must matter for you to get better photographs.

you must need to understand your model.

to get better photos, if the relation between photographer and model is too good then it gives you much better photographs, because of a natural smile, poses or the main thing models can able to express their feeling within their pose and its all affect on your final photograph.

6.Manual Focus #needed portrait photography tips

When shooting out with your models there are lots of random poses you get and To capture random images very quickly, you must need to understand manual mode.

so if you don’t know how to capture images with manual focus or also if you don’t know how to capture very quickly with manual focus then you must need to learn manual focus.

Wait…i found something…

7.Understand Portrait photography from Social Networks

that’s the most easier way to get mastery over portrait photography, if you are following some best photographer then see their portrait photographs, and learn from it.

And ask them how he/she capture that images, also learn from social networks, in this world, you can do anything with social networks.

see videos on youtube related to portrait photography and learn from it and practice every single day, because of this you’ll understand portrait photography more quickly.

you can follow me to if you want to learn photography with some easy steps.

8. Poses Matters #important portrait photography tips

So that’s the new topics comes out from your model’s side, yes as a photographer you can choose or suggest best poses to your model.

but sometimes if your model is not in good condition because of weather, or some difficult poses so final output must not be good.

portrait photography tips
So suggest some simple poses to your model/subject for portrait photography so he/she can easily apply that pose and you get your results as well as you can able to capture more images too.

9. Background indoor portrait photography tips

portrait photography tips

For portrait photography, if you are shooting indoor then use backdrop normally black or white these are the best option to capture portraits.

or if you are doing outdoor portrait then choose a light background which contains light or some catchy effects so after all, you get a blurry background and sharper portraits.

10.Best Modes to Capture awesome portraits #portrait photography tips for newbies

there are totally two modes available to capture portrait photographs

portrait photography tips

if you are a newbie then I suggest you portrait mode using auto focus so you can capture easily by default images, which is not good to learn portrait photography.

(you may face problem while shooting portraits in a night because of autofocus, normally 18-55mm cant able to identify an image to fastly in a night to shoot images.)

So use manual mode because using this you can learn ISO, Shutter-Speed, aperture and so many things.

if you want to learn manual mode or manual focus related article from this website, then here you go

11.The model must not be worried #portrait photography tips for photographers

if your model is worried then his/her face can’t able to express the feelings and because of this your final portraits looks so bad.

So make light environment and shoot best portraits.

12.Shoot enough photos #myth 

That’s the things not every new photographers do.

and that’s not a good habit the reason behind this is that when you are shooting portraits, one picture for one pose at that time you don’t have enough time to look at the picture by zooming it.

or you can’t able to say that how sharper your picture was, so always capture enough photos.

at list 3-4 photos of one pose so at the end you can choose the best among all of them.

13.Distance between photographer and model #general

actually it doesn’t matter.

but if you are using 18-55mm then make short distance between you and your model so you can able to get best blurry background.

14.Prop’s for your portrait photography

That topics is all depends on your Thinking ability, like if you want to capture classy or professional types of images then use props like chair, table, guitar, car etc so your overall portraits looks awesome.

portrait photography tips
there are tons of props available to use with your portrait photography.

you can also able to capture best portrait photography without any props but if you use props then all over image impression must be increase.

15.Costume for your model

If you are not a professional photographer, then you just don’t need any costume you can able to get better portraits.

but if you are a professional photographer and have some money then use best costume, it really matters.

see this images…

portrait photography tips

portrait photography tips

portrait photography tips

so it makes your overall portraits more beautiful.

16.Should you need to edit your Portrait photographs

just give little bit finishing to your original image with using some editing application.

if you want to make your image look more sharper otherwise it is ok.

edit your portrait – in black and white photographs…

portrait photography tips

it always improve your overall image performance, but use applications/software’s like lightroom or photoshop so your image clarity remain same.

17.Should you need additional equipment?

that’s the big myth in every single newbie photographers out there in the market.

if you think you can’t able to get the best results without best lens or other equipment then no you are wrong!!

there is no need for additional equipment to do portrait photography, but if you want to spend some money then you can use speed lights or best lens to capture outdoor high quality portrait photographs.

18.On Flash Portrait Photography

So it simply means you are capturing portrait photographs within your D-SLR lens ,so as i said while doing night portrait photography you need to use manual focus.

if you use auto focus with on flash then you either get too much blurred backdrop with your object or your 18-55mm lens can’t able to find your object.

your lens just analyse the object you can not able to click images, just try today.

turn on flash of your D-SLR and do night photography with auto mode, you cant get best results at all.

19.Off Flash Portrait Photography

So its little bit costly offer, you need some additional equipment like lightspeed to do portrait photography, but using this you definitely get best images.

20.When You Should Not Shoot Portrait Photographs

So if there is low light in the early morning or you don’t have any additional equipment like speedlight then you can’t able to do portrait photography.

or even if you capture image somehow then overall clarity must not be too good (using 18-55mm lens).

You can better with this situation if you contain extra equipment like a flashlight or expensive lens.

21.Which image size is better to do Portraits

So there are lots of people get confused between RAW and JPEG to do portrait photography.

if your D-SLR contain memory like 18 to 32+ GB memory card then capture images with RAW format otherwise use JPEG, because RAW Images gives you images without any compression.




If you want to learn why RAW is Better then JPEG to Do portrait photography then here is the link to understand this topic.

all the images without any sources are downloaded from unsplash.

thanks a lot for all these beautiful images without all these images this article is not possible so thank you.

hope you guys like all these easy portrait photography tips,if you like it then share it,thank you.


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