Top 5 Lightweight Camera Tripod Under 19$ | For Beginners ( UPDATED – 2019 )

best tripod stands

There are lots of Camera tripods stand available in the market right now, but its as I said before there are LOTS of tripods that means it’s too hard for us to find the best one !! isn’t it ??

So if you don’t know the best tripod stands among all of them and looking for good Camera Tripod then this article helps you a lot.

in this article, we are covering topics on best Camera Tripod under 19$ or 1000 INR and you can buy it from any e-commerce websites, like Amazon,e-bay or snap deal etc within under 1000 Rupees(INR)/19$(USD).

if you like any of these tripods then you can buy directly from the link ( from Amazon ) which is available at the end of every single review post !! these things help me to improve my site and give better content to people like you via some commission !! that’s it, thank you.

Tripods are the most important thing if you have very high weighted D-SLR or if you are looking for some sharper images with great quality then you need the best Camera Tripod.

there are also more reason to use a tripod but based on my experience these reasons are at top priority.

now without spending more seconds on why we need tripod let us find some awesome tripods for beginners.

Top 5 Lightweight Camera Tripod Under 19$ | For Beginners

Here is the list of best tripod stands under 1000 rupees or 19$.

this list contains down to top priority(“the last one is the best and cheapest”).

So here is the list of top 5  lightweight Camera Tripod for your D-SLR.

  1. Powerpak Photo-X5 Tripod
  2. Simpex 333 Tripod
  3. Sonia PH 330 Tripod
  4. Photron Tripod Stedy 400
  5. AmazonBasics 50-Inch Tripod

now let’s understand them in details, so you know why these tripods are the best then other tripods.

Note For US Readers: Currently, there is only one product available For US  Readers, if you like any of these tripods then please buy it from anywhere !!! extremely sorry for that, thank you.

1.powerpak Photo-X5 Tripod

So this tripod is from powerpak, and its first on our list.

this tripod contains total 780gm of weight and here is the image of this tripod.

camera tripod

powerpak Photo-X5 Tripod

this tripod contains total 90-degree vertical platform, so in front of your camera lens you are able to capture great shots.

but it contains only 90 degrees, so you need to handle your tripod manually if your Object is out of this 90-degree area or range which is not good quality of this tripod.

as we can see its first on our best tripod stands list, so if you are an entry-level photographer and not able to shoot images too quickly then you should buy this.

Also, these tripod stands contain rubber feet so your tripod must hold the current position no matter how the surface is slippery, that’s the good point.

Common features of powerpak Photo-X5  Tripod

  • 3-way Panhead quick release plate – this tripod contain total three legs as you can see in the image, so I’m not expanding this topic.
  • Mid-layer bracing system – you can able to adjust your tripod hight from the middle layer.
  • Geared elevator
  • size4.5 Feet Flat 53 Inches (1371 mm)
  • you can use with – your D-SLR, camcorder, video camera or also with your smartphone but you need one holder SJ 90 for this.

camera tripod

SJ 90

  • No Carry case with this tripod – tripod without beg, if you already using another tripod and for some reason, it’s not working then you can use that tripod’s beg to carry this tripod if this tripod fits into that beg.


you can buy this Camera Tripod under 800 Rupees.(sorry currently not available for the US users) here you go…

for Indian customers

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2.Simpex 333 Tripod

this is one of the best tripods I ever used because this tripod contains load capacity up to 3000 grams, so when I use prime D-SLR’s, I always use this tripod.

this tripod contains overall Material type is an aluminum oval section, which makes your tripod more strong.

its made of High-Grade Aluminium Alloy, so you can use this tripod for many long times.

this tripod is a little bit heavy than previous one but lighter then overall tripod, it contains the total weight of 1 kg.

camera tripodSimpex 333 Tripod

Common features of Simpex 333 Tripod

  • length520 millimeters
  • Leg lock type – vertical
  • Load capacity3000 grams
  • Maximum operating height 4.8 feet (1490 millimeters), which is good.
  • you can buy this tripod for your D-SLR or other video cameras.
  • beg is available
  • this tripod also contains 2-pin platform and one bubble level and Air cushioned with 20.32 leg diameter.

Advantage over other best tripod stands

  • Because of its aluminum structure, it looks lighter and its too much portable, and long lasting than any other tripod.


right now you can buy this Camera Tripod under 850 rupees. (sorry currently not available for the US users), here you go…


3.Sonia PH 330 Tripod

This tripod contains position no three in our list of best tripod stands, it’s really good than previous two tripods, in a matter of weight or even price.

this tripod contains the total weight of 880 grams and load capacity of 3000 grams, so you can use this tripod for your heavyweight D-SLR’s and one main thing is this tripod contain much lighter weight then your D-SLR.

this tripod also made of high-grade aluminum Alloy, we know its benefits(read the previous tripod).

camera tripod

Sonia PH 330 Tripod

Common features of Sonia PH 330 Tripod

  • Quick Flip Leg Locks
  • 3-way Panhead
  • Maximum Height – 4.42 feet(1350 mm)
  • Quick Release Plate & Bubble Level
  • Carry case – YES – beg
  • you can use this tripod for your D-SLR or other video Cameras.


So right now you can buy this Camera Tripod under 820 Rupees,(sorry currently not available for the US users). its really good deal, here you go…


4.Photron Tripod Stedy 400

This tripod holds second place in our list of best tripod stands.

Photron Tripod Stedy 400 contains Maximum Height of 4.5 Feet or Maximum Load 2.75 Kg(2750 grams).

this tripod contains the total weight of 821g, so you can carry this tripod easily.

you can able to manage your D-SLR by your self which is a pretty interesting feature you get under a price of 1000 rupee.

or another interesting feature of this tripod is that you don’t need to close the tripod when you’re done, it’s Mount flips up automatically with quick release lever, so that’s the new features which make this tripod into these categories with cheapest rates.

camera tripod

Photron Tripod Stedy 400

Common features of Photron Tripod Stedy 400

  • Bubble Level to Adjust horizontal position
  • Carry case – beg
  • maximum height – 4.5 feet (1371 mm)


you can buy this tripod under 1000 rupee,(sorry currently not available for the US users).

there are two models available for this tripod one is Photron Tripod Stedy 400 or another is Photron Tripod Stedy you go……

5.AmazonBasics 50-Inch Tripod

now let’s talk about AmazonBasics 50-Inch Tripod, which holds number one position in our list of best tripod stands, there are lots of reason available to rank this tripod at no 1 position.

camera tripod

AmazonBasics 50-Inch Tripod

here why this tripod is best tripod stands than other…

  • So as you guess from its name, this tripod’s brand is Amazon basics, so its more trusted tripod then any other previous tripod.
  •  one of the best lightweight tripod – tripod weight is 540g.
  •  this tripod contains capacity more then one pound means its capacity is around 500-600 grams, which is a good thing if you are working with prime D-SLR.
  •  normal height is 16.5 inch (406 mm) and maximum height is 50 inches(1270 mm).
  • Carry case – YES – Zippered storage beg
  • best for portrait and landscape photography
  •  way head allows for tilt and swivel motion
  •  you can use this tripod for your D-SLR or video camera or for your smartphone too (holder needed)
  •  Quick-release plate so you can able to take maximum shots with a different position
  •  section lever-lock legs for easy height adjustments


you can buy this best tripod stands under 900 Rupees or 15$, which is really really big deal because you got trusted ” the brand ” with great quality. here you go…

For Indian readers

For US readers

that’s the list of best tripod stands, I hope you guys like this and buy it if you really like this article then share it, thank you.

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