Most important ways to improve photography performance in 2019

improve photography

These days it’s hard to improve our photography performance, do you know why ??.

if you don’t know then just understand what I say, because when I was young and a newbie in this photography world I thought that after purchasing prime DSLR camera it’s very easy to improve my photography performance from smartphone to DSLR camera.

but that’s not totally true, I know how to capture simple photos with my DSLR camera but I never know how to handle and use some other modes and cool features of my DSLR camera which improve my photography performance like anything.

we photographer just edit some simple photographs using Lightroom or adobe photoshop which gives cool output and at the end we called it as our creativity.

but this stuff works sometimes ( ask yourself ), so I hope, you now know that it’s not the proper way to improve our photography performance.

yeah, it’s useful but once you master some cool things which I am mentioning in this article later, that definitely helps you to improve your photography performance.

so, now without talking more about this topic, let’s get started.

Ways to improve photography performance in 2019

there are many different ways to improve your photography performance but in this article, I am mentioning only the most needed & useful ways which definitely helps you to enhance your photography skills.

my top 7 tips to improve your photography performance in 2019.

please don’t skip any single point, because these points are very important to improve your photography performance.

Learn manual mode + other gears which you have

  • This one is the first and most important point which you must need to learn if you want to improve your overall photography performance no matter what the situations are.
  • if you want to master night photography or even portrait photography or even landscape, you need to know manual mode.
  • this mode helps you to master ISO,shutter-speed, Aperture etc kind of the most important things, so this is the first step.
  • if you own any other gears like some cool filters or extra flash then you need to know some basic working of that gears.

if you don’t have any resources then don’t worry, here are some useful resources which helps you to improve your photography skills.

Basic understanding of tripod

  • hope you know that we use the tripod for stability and to capture sharp photographs.
  • sometimes when you are capturing photographs of some landscapes or long-exposures then your camera must need stability.
  • for that purpose, you need a tripod, which helps you to capture sharp and creative photographs.

look at this long-exposure photograph.


streets of Ahmedabad | follow PWDOC on Instagram

Capture everywhere

  • this rule is very important for every newbie photographers, who just bought a new DSLR camera and not ready to take it everywhere.
  • that’s your mistake, if you love photography then just capture everywhere, it helps you to improve your photography performance and also gives you a different perspective to capture one single image.
  • just try it, once you realize this feeling, it helps you to capture more interesting photographs.

Accept some challenges

  • Photography challenges are very interesting, these challenges help you to get a better version of yourself.
  • and in the end, you learn lot’s of new things with improved photography skills, and that’s very unique and interesting.

see this image, which shows 30-day photography challenge, try it and see what you get at the end.

improve photography

Share your photographs and ask for feedback

  • these days social media is a very huge place, I never saw a photographer who didn’t have any social accounts, that totally impossible if you don’t have any social account.
  • so if you don’t have a social account then, first of all, create it and share your photographs with your friends, family, and everyone.
  • you can even share it with some pro photographer which you follow and like and then ask for some feedback.
  • understand what they say properly and then improve your mistakes.
  • do this thing again and again it helps you to capture great shots.

Visit every single place which you love

  • this is something special and different thing which you must need to try if you love traveling.
  • so, if you love traveling then take your camera everywhere and capture every single place.
  • every moment, every hour is more important for you to capture some eye-catching photographs.

Work…work and work

last but not the least point which you must must must need to follow.

  • if you want to improve photography performance then practice is the only golden key, which helps you every time.
  • if you don’t practice every single point which is mentioned earlier then you can’t able to improve your photography performance that’s for sure.
  • so set goals and archive it, that’s the only way to get mastery over your photography skills.

Useful resources to improve photography

hope you guys find some useful information and assuming it helps you to improve your photography performace in 2019, thank you and best of luck :).

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