How To Capture Awesome Waterfall Photographs – 2018

waterfall photographs

There are plenty of excellent natural features available in this big world which we don’t know, but wait there are also some outstanding places available which we know but as a photographer, we never tried to catch that every single place !!!

Lots of places like the waterfall, landscapes, mountains etc which are damn hard to capture but if you learn and gain some special skills then at the end you can capture something marvelous !!! that’s for sure.

So in today’s article, I am talking about waterfall Photographs which are tough to capture if you don’t know some must require kind of settings and equipment.

believe me, you can able to capture some unique kind of waterfall photographs using this tips which I am sharing in this article.

as we know to get better waterfall photography you must need to learn Manual mode, if you don’t know manual mode then read Beginner’s QUICK guide to Manual Mode.

if you are an entry-level photographer or even an expert and want to know or learn how to capture waterfall photographs (in depth) & want to turn the flowing water into blurry & creamy lines then this article is for you.

now without wasting your time, let’s get started !!!!.

How To Capture Awesome Waterfall Photographs – 2018

This article is so straightforward, so I am just sharing some tips related to waterfall photographs.

I am not talking about what is shutter-speed or ISO or Exposure or Manual Mode etc kind of things.

if you don’t know then here are some resources which you must need to read or learn to finish this Article.

What you need to capture Awesome Waterfall photograph

Here is the list of Most Important things which you need or know to Capture Awesome Waterfall photograph

  • Aperture
  • Shutter-speed
  • ISO
  • Exposures
  • remote shutter release

And Some Filters…

Filters are most Essential part to capture good-looking waterfall photographs.

because filter gives the good amount of shadow and some other sharpness and it reduces reflections.

It also creates saturated colors and a better tonal range which are much important to transform the waterfall photograph into an Eye-catching waterfall photograph.

See this Example To know the Difference !!!

waterfall photographs

Photograph capture without/with ND filter

so in this article, I suggest you total two most popular filter which are normally used in this type of photography.

  1. ND filter
  2. Polarizing filter

you can use ND Filter or Polarizing filter, but if you have money then you can buy both, but not necessary !! 

There is some little difference between These two filters.

  • Some users say that ND filters are best for all type of weather, and Polarizing filters are not good enough for morning time.
  • but Polarizing filter decreases reflections and gives the better tonal range.

if you are asking me which one is better then first choose ND filter and then Polarizing filter.

For Indian Readers

For US Readers

All right, now you know some “Must required” equipment or topics to capture beautiful waterfalls.

so now let’s know some important tips and tricks with proper steps to capture awesome waterfall photographs.

Steps Which you need to follow to Capture Awesome waterfall photograph

1. Let’s Find some better place !!

  • Find a suitable waterfall near you.

Too little water to have a nice effect, Cloudy is always perfect for more intimate landscapes.

  • get one tripod.

Bonus for you!!!

don’t have a tripod !!!?? find some Cheap and Amazon’s BEST seller tripods under 19$ (in-depth review included !!!).

  • find a perfect position where you can stick your tripod and able to capture the whole waterfall.

My suggestion – use the wide lens to capture waterfall photographs.

  • set your tripod with filter, and you are good to go !!!.

that’s it !!?? nah that’s not enough !!! now you just need to follow these tips to capture good-looking waterfall photographs.

2.Tips to capture awesome waterfall photographs

These tips are so important to capture a good type of waterfall photos, so you must need to follow all these tips.

What type of Photographs you get !!??

while doing waterfall photography you get lots of different types of output.

may you get a dark or too dark photograph?

or may you get a too sharp photograph, or even if you work smarter then get some sharp+blurred type of waterfall photographs which we really want.

Let’s talk about Camera Settings !!

  • After setting everything up, choose manual mode, and use a small aperture.

starting with f/16 and then going smaller which I use to capture good waterfall photograph.

  • Use the lowest ISO speed on your camera(choose ISO between 100-400), so you get a more sharp image and clear result !!!.
  • as you know more ISO means low-quality photograph.
  • While looking through the viewfinder, rotate filter and watch for the reflections to disappear.
  • here as we know sharpness is everything, this thing makes our waterfall photograph into a masterpiece !!!.

Remember the main part is Shutter-speed.

  • Shutter-speeds that blur water or freeze water or neither blur nor freeze water, so you need to try a variety of shutter speeds.
  • For most waterfalls, use exposures from 2 seconds up to about 1/8 second.
  • If you use exposures longer than 2 seconds then the individual paths that water takes through the waterfall may be lost, so it gives you worst result at the end.
  • use Shutter speeds over 1/1000 to stop the falling water mid-air.
  • After clicking a couple of photographs you may notice that a slower shutter speed(2-3 sec or more) makes the water flowing, and fast shutter speed(1/1000-1/4000) makes water blurry.

follow all these tips to get sufficient waterfall photographs like this …

waterfall photographs

waterfall photographs

Credit: Unsplash

if you want to give a final finishing to your photographs then you can use these top 7 Photo Editing Application to get a better result.

i hope you like to capture photographs using shutter-speed.

if you want to capture some more interesting photographs using shutter speed then read my guide on Night Photography to capture stunning night photographs.

if you like this article on how to capture an impressive waterfall photograph then share it and send some photographs which are captured by you using these suggestions, thank you have a great day.

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