how to do Off Camera Flash Photography | tips and tricks

Off Camera Flash Photography

There are lots of new things or hacks you can do with your DSLR camera or even with your DSLR camera’s equipment, isn’t it??.

so one of the hack we’ll learn in this article, as you know it’s all about off camera flash photography.

This article mostly tells you about off camera flash photography.

in this article, you’ll know why you need off-camera flash photography to capture better images.

or also when you should use this lightning effect and when you shouldn’t.

and also the benefits of off-camera flash photography.

Off Camera Flash Photography

so now let’s begin the article and understand some fun facts and needs of this type of photography.

What is Off camera Flash Photography??

So, in short, the sweet meaning of off camera flash photography means you don’t use your attached DSLR camera’s flash to capture images.

so now you are asking me what we do when we need flash to capture my images !!??.

haha, don’t worry in this type of photography you don’t need to use your inbuilt flash, you must need to use external big flashes(if your budget is high) or some Speed lights to get more sharp and pretty images.

Why OFF Flash Photography ?? – The Purpose

So if you have normal DSLR and you are capturing images in very low light but your DSLR not contain more features so you must need to use shutter-speed and aperture to make an image more beautiful.

but at the end, it’ll give you more grainy images and also you don’t like the slow shutter-speed at the end so for this reason to capture bright images in any environment you must need to use this type of photography.

(get more examples of off camera flash photography at the bottom of this article.)

if you don’t know how to use shutter speed and aperture then you’ll find it here…

also if you don’t know how to capture awesome images with your DSLR then the COMPLETE beginner guide on “how to use my first DSLR camera”, you’ll also find it here for FREE

how to do Off Camera Flash Photography??

So to know how to capture beautiful images with Off camera flash photography we need to understand all these topics.

or you can say tips and hacks to capture best images using off flash camera.

MOST important Rules

So to get better images using off-camera flash we first must need to understand the basic rule related to this topic to capture better images.

this type of photography is not too much easy but to capture this types of photography we need some off-camera lighting (Flashgun/ Speedlight ).

so if you are shooting indoor or with closer distance to your model then for that type of photography off camera lightning (Flashgun/ Speedlight ) equipment is not a big deal.

but if you are shooting outdoor or some portrait etc then you must need some big off camera lightning (Flashgun/ Speedlight ) and that all are very expensive.

(you can buy it cheapest rates if you want to just experience off flash photography !!)

Best Way To DO Off Camera Flash Photography

As we know the basic requirement for Off-Camera Flash Photography, then now let’s understand how to get and use your off camera lighting (Flashgun/ Speedlight ) to get more quality of light and good image.

Choose light full background, So that’s the basic need, if you are shooting outdoor portraits then your background must be cool and colorful.

Off Camera Flash Photography

reason – let’s assume if your background contains too much amount of lights.

and if you are shooting at night or evening or early morning then there is no need of off camera lighting (Flashgun/ Speedlight ) or if you use it you definitely get worst images, so your background must be soft and noise free.

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it means background contain low lights where you can use off-camera lighting (Flashgun/ Speedlight ).

and good weather or it depends on the combination of all this, or even any natural background, that’s it.

then just set your model in perfect position to get better results.

Importance of Settings

So if you are a newbie and learning flash photography then these tips are not for you, because when you are clicking images with off flash by default you get most better results.

but if you want to learn new things as a newbie then you must need to try this.

and if you are getting a better result then what’s the matter !!?.

and if you want to change your output by changing the off flash setting then you can change the aperture or shutter-speed but it depends on the background you choose.

Most Needed Gears

as I said if you are using any off flash lightning tool then you don’t need to buy other stuff.

using this device you can able to capture best images(for newbies), or you can buy flashgun or some big flashes.

the one thing needed is practice, yes its true, you don’t need other expensive stuff to get a better result in off flash photography.

Choose Better Pose for your Model

So as we know we are using off camera flash so its better you give better pose to your model so when you turn on the off camera lights then your model looks much hotter.

Off Camera Flash Photography


so the basic strategy to get a better result is set to light about 30 degrees or less above your model’s head(see this above image).

so when you capture an image it gives damn hot results.

Capture When Sunlight Is Too Much High

So as we know when we use off camera lighting (Flashgun/ Speedlight ) equipment and there is too much amount of sunlight is available then it’s next to impossible to capture more smooth images with our equipment.

for this you must need to understand shutter-speed, there are two types of shutter-speed one is low and another is high.

if you are capturing images when sunlight is too much high then make your shutter-speed at max (as a requirement but more than 1/300)so you get better images.

here is one article to understand the fully detailed working of shutter-speed within this website

Related – understand shutter-speed when sunlight is too much high

Best time to capture off-camera flash photography

So as we understand if you background contains low light or interesting objects then you can capture this types of photography.

or even if the background is natural or colorful then this technique is too much good.

night shooting is also one of the best time to capture images using off camera flash photography, it’s extraordinary to edit the original image to black and white photography

so that’s all about off camera flash photography, I hope you like it and share it, thank you.

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