Top 17 Photography Hacks You Should Know And Master Right Now

photography hacks

Right now for an entry-level photographer, any photography hacks are very expensive !! you know why !??.

Because in this world every normal equipment for a photographer like YOU is too expensive, so for some beginner photographer like you and me that’s an issue, we can’t use those expensive accessories.

but, do not worry there is a solution.

In today’s article, I’m sharing with you some free or some cheap photography hacks to improve your photography.

if you don’t know manual mode then you can’t able to shoot some of the free photography hacks,so to learn manual mode read  Quick guide to manual mode –  2018.

this article not only helps you to improve your photography knowledge but you also learn some awesome photo editing hacks and unique photography technique.

so without wasting any second let’s get started !!!

Top 17 Photography Hacks You Should Know And Master Right Now

here is the list of best photography hacks to improve your photography skills with NO MONEY !!. reflection

This is the first and FREE photography hack which I personally like and highly recommended to you.

Tools you need

  • any flat screen which gives a good/clean reflection.

my favorite – Mobile Screen or puddle…

What you need to do !!!??

  • to apply this kind of hack you just need to hold your smart-phone horizontally in front of your DSLR cameras lens.

photography hacks

  • as you already see the image or holding position of your smart-phone screen, I don’t think you need to know more about this position.

 you can create your own unique position to capture some awesome unique photographs !!!

using this photography hack you can capture amazing shots like this one !!.

photography hacks

2.Bokeh ( Use Tinfoil To Create A Wall Of Bokeh )

This one is the most common and ‘easy to make’ type of photography hacks available in our list.

this is the most interesting photography hack for me because as a newbie I first learn this trick and I just loved my photographs because they are just amazing.

if you are an entry-level photographer then this tactic may make you more curious to capture more photographs with some different photography hacks.

What you need !!!???

  • just a paper and one sharp scissors to give amazing shape to that paper.

see this image to know some unique and interesting shape which you create for this hack.

photography hacks

How to capture ???

  • just cut that paper and attach it with your lens using some tap and make your lens blurry that’s it !!!.


photography hacks

See the full video here

3.custom MACRO lens

this is another one creative photography hacks for you.

If you’re an entry-level photographer and don’t have enough money to buy some cool macro lens then don’t worry now you can able to capture some beautiful macro photographs with your primary lens.


I really surprised when I see this trick for the first time and after doing some experiment with my primary lens I can say that this hack worth trying.

yes, you can’t able to capture 100% same quality photographs which you capture with a macro lens, but 70% you can capture same as a macro lens.

What you need !!!??

  • if you are an experienced and entry-level photographer then you need Nothing.
  • or if you are just an entry-level photographer then you need some pipe like toilet roll or any tube.
  • if you have some money then you can buy EXTENSION TUBES to capture a macro photograph, which works same as a tube & it’s a totally safe way.

( Get Extension Tubes for INDIAN Users/US Users)

  • (IN SHORT) get any tubes which have a diameter just wider than your camera lens. (your camera lens must fit inside that pipe properly that’s it).

Good Suggestion: use toilet roll as a tube.

photography hacks

for experienced and entry level photographer

  • just remove your lens from your DSLR and make some distance between your DSLR camera and lens and switch to display mode so you can see the clear result live in-front of your LED screen.
  • then adjust your lens as a requirement.
  • if the distance between your DSLR camera and lens is more then you capture more clear macro photographs, that’s it.

see this image which I captured using this technique…

Result !!

photography hacks

4.plastic paper (custom camera filter)

this photography hack is also known as ‘DIY Tilt-Shift Lens’.

if you are an entry-level photographer and have some free time then at that time you can do this kind of hack.

this type of photography hacks gives you some unique kind of result which I can’t explain but wait you can see the final result at the end.

what you need !!!??

  • some plastic paper and sketch pens !!!.
  • cut plastic papers in some size so you can attach it with your DSLR camera lens like this.

photography hacks

then paint that plastic paper with your favorite color and attach that paper in front of your camera lens.

remember: don’t take much paper so your camera lens can able to capture other things instead of that colorful paper, we need that paper to give some different kind of art to our photographs.

See the Final Output !!!!

photography hacks

Credit: cooph

5. Use A Fishtank To Get That Underwater Shot

This is another interesting and unique photography hack available only for you !!!.

this hack requires NO MONEY !!!, yes that’s totally true.

if you are not using any split dome (Know TOP GoPro Accessories !!!! ) and want to capture some awesome creative photograph underwater then using this method you can do it.

What you need !!!?

1 transparent square box. ( height and width must be bigger than your DSLR camera ).

photography hacks

( clean the box first so can’t get any spots while capturing photos .)

then insert your DSLR camera inside that box, and sink that transparent box (half) into water then capture photographs.

photography hacks

source: dpreview

yeah, that’s really awkward position to capture some great shot (you can use All IN ONE wireless camera remote | For Canon & For Nikon) but believe me, the final result must be awesome !!!.

Wanna Know More Interesting Stuff Related to Photography ?? Check out my Pinterest Board and Follow Me To Make your Photography skill to the next level.

see this photographs which one is capture using this way…

Final Result may look like this one…

photography hacks


6.remove people with photo editing tools

sometimes when I travel alone and I found some awesome historic place like step-wall or etc then its too hard to capture only the step wall or that particular place.

you know why !!?? because other people are also trying to capture the same picture or just watching that step-wall.

so its too hard for lots of photographers to capture what they need !!.

if you are one of them then this photography hack is the golden key for you.

What you need to do !!??

download the application called adobe photoshop to fix (available for both Android and IOS ).

open the app and use the feature called Healing and then just remove what you don’t want in your photograph, that’s it.

Bonus for you

See this before-after photographs

photography hacks

I found this photograph on the internet !!!! but this app gives you result like this, still have some confusion then read another article on  My top 7 Photo Editing Apps (which contain example related to this topic IN DEPTH).

7.write with sparklers

this is another good photography hacks come for a Creative Photographer.

if you like to capture photographs at night then this hack helps you to make your night photography to the next level.

if you are an entry-level photographer then you at list know about shutter-speed.

and if you don’t know then just learn basics about shutter-speed.

take one flashlight or for more fun take some other coloring LED lights with you and one tripod.

  • Find some CHEAP tripod with Great quality on AMAZON for a beginner.

What you need to do !!!???

  • set your camera at one steady position and set shutter-speed to 30 sec, then turn on the flashlight in front of your Camera lens and do some artwork

Learn Everything About your DSLR Camera | Under the Hood – 2018

  • like writing your name or just making unique designs with different colored LED lights !!

do all these things within 30 sec or amount of shutter-speed you set.

more amount of shutter speed gives you more sharp and long lights so make sure you apply this trick and also reduce ISO so your camera sensors sense less brightness.

see the final result

photography hacks

8. Use A Towel As Video Slider

this is the cheapest and unique videography hacks for you.

what you need !!

  • A Towel and your DSLR camera.
  • just put your camera on the towel and that’s it.

ha-ha yeah that’s it when you do videography just drag your towel slowly to create some Dramatic video scene.

be sure the surface which you use for videography must be slippery!!, so you get a better result at the end.

9.led lights ( Add Lights With Regular Bulbs )

this is another good photography hack to capture a unique photograph.

What you need !!??

some LED lights and one person who gives awesome poses don’t have scoptophobia (Google it !!).

  • Result 

photography hacks

10.double exposure

for this time you don’t need to do many things with your DSLR camera.

first just capture some beautiful photographs and then edit your photograph using this technique.

what is double exposure !!???

Mr. Google says: the repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images.

in our simple language:  double exposure is the way to combine two photographs into one single image using some software or application.

if you don’t want to spend some money then use Snapseed !!! basic photography application available on Android and ISO.

if you want to learn Hack number 11 & 12 then please read this article.

11.text between objects

This is Another photo editing hack for you, to make our photograph more unique and interesting with some photo editing applications.

what you need !!!??

  • photo editing application ( use Snapseed ).

12.plastic bag softbox for flash

First of all, I never tried this hack but I like it so I describe this photography hacks on our list.

it may help you a lot if you frequently using Flash.

what you need !!???

  • one plastic bag and DLSR camera.
  • fill the air inside the plastic bag and then when you capture photographs with built-in flash then cover your flash with this plastic bags.

and then see the difference.

photography hacks

Credit: toopanda

see this youtube video to know more interesting photography hacks which you can do with your DSLR camera using one single plastic bag !!.

13.use some homemade devices

we use lot’s of interesting and homemade products in our 17 photography hacks.

now this one is the best device available in your home which you never use for photography purpose.

that one device is the Tea Strainer.

WHAT ???? A Tea Strainer !!?? what can I do with a tea strainer ???, actually when I see this hacks I also get socked !!!, but yes that’s true, let me tell you the hack.

Shadow Effects With a Tea Strainer gives you good shadow effects

What you need !!??

  • One flashlight.
  • a tea strainer.
  • one good looking model.
  • and a good background where your model can give some awesome poses.

set your model then set the flashlight and use the Tea Strainer.

see the final result !!!

photography hacks

to catch your model’s face with unique shadows then you need a bigger strainer

14.use computer screen to make background blurry

this is one of the funniest but interesting photography hacks to make other people fool.

using this photography hack you can make any non-living object super sharp with blurry background.

wait !! this is not the hack, the main thing is that you can make the background blurry as your requirement.

what you need !!!??

  • one LED screen ( recommended – laptop ) and a non-living object.

put your object before the LED screen and capture some amazing shots.


photography hacks

I Am Groot

15.own bean beg

doesn’t have enough money to buy a tripod, that’s totally fine.

this photography hack helps you to capture some photographs which you can’t able to capture without a tripod.

what you need ???

  • bean beg + one cotton bag

photography hacks

  • fill the beans inside that cotton bag and then close the bag properly, that’s it.

Order the best Beans From Amazon !!!

use this bag on any dusty or not-leveled surface to capture awesome photographs without any tripod.

16.capture with one hand ( on the other hand use some object )

This one is pro type of photography hacks available in our list.

I hope you understand what I am saying in next 2 Min using the title of this hack.

basically when you capture some photographs then use only one single hand to capture a photograph and on the other side of your hand, hold another object like a flower, mobile phone etc.

and then use them as a prop, let me tell you how.

when you capture any photographs at that time hold that props in front of your DSLR but wait there are lots of things we need to take care of.

1.dont cover the lens with the prop

2. the ratio between lens and prop must be 70%-30%.

you can use any props like LED lights, burning matchstick etc.

this all props gives you better filter and awesome result.

see this Example !!!

photography hacks

Credit: toopanda

17. The piece of rubber on your DSLR strap

this is another interesting photography hacks for you which you already know but you never use.

that’s the piece of rubber which is available on your DSLR strap.

photography hacks

when I was learning photography I am very curious to know the usage of that rubber, because Canon did not give that kind of rubber just for fun, that we all know.

but I am looking for a proper answer and one day I found the answer, and I can’t even imagine that this piece of rubber helps me that interesting way.

let me tell you why this piece of rubber is attached to your DSLR strap.

basically when you capture any photographs using shutter-speed especially at night then to remove bright light which came from your DSLR camera’s VIEWFINDER, then we never notice (i never notice honestly !!).

but just try this thing once, use that piece of rubber and stick it to your DSLR camera’s VIEWFINDER and then see the difference.

let me make it easy for you.

see the full video to know how it works and final After/Before Result…

Bonus Photography Hacks for you !!

Surprise !!!! this is bonus photography hacks for you.

honestly, I never tried this kind of hacks but it looks pretty amazing, may I try all these hacks in the future and hope you too.

1.DIY photography light tent

this is a low budget photography light tent.

you can use the tent for food photography or any other kind of macro photography.

its too much interesting to make a photography light tent by yourself and capture some amazing photographs isn’t it !!!??.

see the full video here

final result

photography hacks

Don’t want to spend time on building Light Tent then don’t worry buy Awesome Light Tent from Amazon !!!

2. Top-Down Photo For Your Instagram

This one is totally unique and one of my most most most interesting photography hack on our list.

if you don’t have something amazing photographs to post on your Instagram wall or any other social media platform, then this photography hack is what you need !!.

What you need !!!!??

  • your smart-phone, sellotape and one box.
  • cut the box in the way that it holds your camera horizontally (we are making phone holder basically).

and that’s it.

use sellotape and stick the box in the top wall, like this.

photography hacks


The final result looks like this

photography hacks

Credit: Unsplash

and capture photos while you are sleeping in your crib, or even sitting on the sofa or even when you are working, pretty awesome huh!!??.

that’s all are my favorite and MOST TRENDING PHOTOGRAPHY HACKS every photographer should try and use, send me your amazing photographs which all are captured using this technique best of luck,have a Good Day !!.


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