Top 4 FPV racing Drone | All you Need To Know about FPV Drones – 2019

FPV racing Drone

So FPV racing Drone is one type of drone, which is used for drone racing and this types of drone give you a better view than any other racing Drone.

in this article, we learn what is the proper meaning of FPV racing Drone and top four FPV racing Drone you can buy right now from Amazon with the Cheapest price and good customer reviews.

FPV racing Drone

Top 4 FPV Racing Drone | All you Need To Know about FPV Drones – 2019

“FPV” Means !!?

So FPV stands for “First person view”, so I hope you get this logically, let me make you more confident using this FPV racing Drone.
this drone contains one computer screen using this the main pilot can able to handle his drone, that’s the main technology !!

Why “FPV Racing Drone”??

Yes, this is the normal question every user ask when I am talking about “FPV racing Drone” , because in the market there are lots of other drones available which are far better than these all types of FPV racing Drone.

but wait…FPV racing Drone’s are more active, using this types of drone pilot can use specialized FPV goggles(VR) to handle his FPV racing Drone, and it’s pretty cool you now !! that experience..!!!.

Also using this Drones pilot can able to access his Drone without seeing it or even he can handle his drone from one room, that’s another cool thing about FPV racing Drone.

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So that’s the sweet and simple details related to FPV racing Drone, yes I am closing this topic right now because the main part of FPV racing Drone is still waiting for let’s get started.

Top 4 FPV Racing Drone – 2019

I am sharing all this FPV racing Drone from low to high price, so if you are looking for some “Cheap FPV racing Drone”, then start from the top to down.

(you can buy all this FPV racing Drone from Amazon guys, All of these FPV racing Drone all BEST SELLER so if you like it then share it and just buy it, thanks.)

  1. TOZO Q1012 X8tw Drone
  2. DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone
  3. WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone
  4. Holy Stone HS100 FPV RC Drone

1.TOZO Q1012 X8tw Drone

FPV racing DroneBasic Features

  • So this is the first and cheap but “Bestseller FPV racing Drone”, this is cheap so you don’t get any FPV monitors.
  • to use this types of drone you need to download the application from your smartphone, yes application available for Android and IOS both so don’t worry.
  • if I am talking about camera quality then its really good, this FPV racing drone contain 720p HD camera quality, which is pretty impressive.
  • also, it contains headless mode and one key take-off, so just connect your smartphone with your drone and boom !!!.
  • this FPV racing drone contains Total “Three” Different speed level, so you can manage your speed low, medium or fast.
  • if you are using this drone and somehow you lose your concentration then just press two buttons, these buttons are used for emergency stop, so that’s the big plus point.
  • Maximum Charge time – 1-2 hour.
  • rang – 80-100 meters.
  • flying time 10 Minimum(Maximum).
  • contain 360-degree flip – just for fun and to grab “attention”.
  • LED lights so you can work with this drone all day or “night” !!.
  • ALTITUDE HOLD FUNCTION – so if you don’t know how to take “SAFE LANDING” of your drone then drone’s Powerful air pressure altitude hold function, so You can release the throttle stick and the drone will keep the current height.


You can buy this FPV racing Drone for 70$ USD, it’s very cheap you never get all these types of features in FPV racing Drone, so if you are a beginner and thinking to get participate in drone racing then this FPV racing Drone is really great choice.


FPV racing DroneBasic Features 

This is the second best FPV racing Drone on our list.
This drone is a little bit extraordinary then previous one, but if you are a beginner then this drone is also best for you. Why!?, let’s understand here.

DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone contains same features as the previous one drone.
features like

  • Headless Mode.
  • 360-degree flip.
  • view your drone within your smartphone(yes Application is available for IOS and Android both).
  • this drone contains Two speed more, not Three.
  • flying time – 8-9 minutes.
  • LED lights.
  • Maximum Charge time – 1-2 hour.
  • Real-time shooting – while using this drone up in the sky you can able to capture some beautiful shots using this drone.
  •  One Key Return – That’s the most impotent feature of this FPV racing Drone.

so if you cant find you drone or not able to handle your drone by your side then by simply pressing one simple button you get your drone in your hand
automatically, again technology!!! and now you know why this drone is at second place.


So you can buy this FPV racing Drone @ 80$ USD, which is best for a beginner if you are an intermediate FPV Drone Pilot then check the next one.

3.WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone

This is the third one FPV racing Drone for you, it’s not cheap like the previous one, but its build quality and Material is too good which attract other users to buy it.let’s check this out.

Basic Features 

this Drone also contains all basic features like other previous Drones, so its worthless to talking about that features, let’s just cover all that features.

  • You can use this Drone using your Smartphone.
  • HD Camera(720p) to capture awesome images.
  • range – Remote Operation Range: about 50-80 meters
  • Video Transmission Range: about 30 meters.
  •  360 degree flips.
  • Maximum Charge time – 1-2 hour.
  •  Low Power alarm – So that’s one of the best features which gives this drone more importance.when your drone reaches its deadline then it’ll automatically alert you to call back your drone quickly to avoid losing it.
  • While capturing images with Drones some time you get blur images and which is really bad thing happens to the pilot so using this drone you get sharper and clear images.
  • it’s material – this FPV racing Drone is too much durable, so its flexibility is more than any other FPV racing Drone, so that’s the best feature of this Drone.

When you Buy this Drone you get total 2 Batteries, so you can fly this WIFI FPV Version U818A Drone for the maximum amount of time.


You can buy this drone @ 130$ USD, if you have more money and want to spend on best FPV racing Drone then this one is for you.

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4.Holy Stone HS100 FPV RC Drone

  • This Drone contains 720P HD Camera.
  •  you can manage this drone using your Smartphone.(Application for Android, IOS available).
  • Return-to-Home Feature – So while using this Drone if your Drone goes out of range then this drone “Automatically” came back into your range.
  • or also when your Drone’s batteries are too low then using GPS this Drone automatically came back to your home, so there is no chance of losing it.
  • you can manage your camera by 90 degrees and also you can able to capture HD images while using this drone and picture quality is really amazing.
  • Battery capacity – from this given list this drone contain maximum mAH battery, it’s 2500.
  • so you can fly your Drone in the sky for too much time and able to shoot more than 15 minutes.which is a really good thing.
  • Follow me Mode – By Turing your GPS on in your Smartphone this drone captures you wherever you if you are alone and want to capture your our images then you can do this using this follow me mode.
  • One Click VR activation – So here is the best part,to experience best real-time transmission 3D visualization then by simply clicking on the VR icon you can activate this feature.

This Drone also contain features like

  • headless mode
  • one key take-off
  • Altitude hold
  • LED lights (For night recording or for beautiful looks).
  • Maximum Charge time – 3-6 hour.


So its really good Drone, if you are looking for some expensive FPV racing Drone, the reason behind this is that it’s too much cool and contain more feature, also there are real chances of losing it.

its market price is around  180$ USD.

which all things make it better, and how we can forget its look, it’s too good.

and the material used in this drone it’s too much flexible and rough, so this drone is not easy to be broken.

that’s all are the best FPV racing Drone for you guys, if you are a beginner and want to do more fun with drones then this drone is best for you.

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