RAW vs JPEG | Are RAW Files Better Then JPEG !!?

Raw vs JPEG

There are tons of different Types of photography available in the market and to capture more sharper image we need to set up the image format, yes there are also so many different types of image formats available in your DSLR, did you know !!??, yeah I know 90% people don’t.

So in this article, I am sharing the most important or useful formats, which every expert photographer use to make their images richer in quality.

Yes its RAW and JPEG, if you don’t know these format and want to know

  • how both are different
  • How to Use these two formats
  • Why it’s mostly used by every professional photographer
  • And the MAIN – Why it’s Important with some Examples

then you must need to read this article.

So now, let’s begin…..

RAW vs JPEG – Are RAW Files Better Then JPEG !!?

Raw vs JPEG

So the first question, which Is most important for you is What actually the meaning of RAW and JPEG formats.

so RAW and JPEG both are the formats for image size, but this format does not totally end with the same results.

there is so much different between RAW and JPEG, which we discuss later in this article.

Capturing an image with the RAW format is quite difficult for lots of photographers.

the main reason behind that is 30% of newbie photographer knows the proper meaning of RAW But they don’t know how/When to implement RAW.

and another photographer just doesn’t know WHY they need to capture photographs using RAW Format or may some of don’t even know that we can capture images with RAW formats too.

So in short RAW is an image format, RAW captures all image data recorded by the sensor(Ex – CMOS in Canon) when you capture an image while shooting with RAW as you shoot with JPEG.

On the other side JPEG or JPG, when you capture an image with this type you get the compressed image with too much high noise level, I know you don’t get it, right !!?.

your confusion must be gone after seeing the photographic difference between RAW and JPEG  lets kick this off with This difference between RAW vs JPEG.


1.Basic information of RAW and JPEG

So as we know JPEG and RAW both are one format, using this format we can able to capture images and normally most photographer use only JPEG format to click images the reason behind that we already discussed.

JPEG gives you loss format file basically and this format adds blacks, contrast, brightness, noise reduction, sharpening etc automatically.

Raw files are uncompressed basically its depends on the camera settings too but mostly it’s uncompressed, this types of images sometimes need improvement from you.

it means you need to give proper finishing(by some editing) to your RAW image file.

2.How to Setup RAW Format

So when you buy new D-SLR you get some by default settings, in this settings, you get by default image size quality and it’s JPEG you need to convert it into RAW format.

( pictures from Canon 1300D )

1.select image size

Raw vs JPEG

2.Select RAW

Raw vs JPEG


That’s it now you also can able to capture an image with this format.


3.Benefits of RAW over JPEG

1.No More Compressed Images

  • So as we know RAW gives you much less Compressed Photographs then JPEG, and it’s better to click sharper images and for some other reasons.

2. Awesome Quality

  • JPEG Format


  • RAW Format


Now you can see the differences between this two image formats and see the sharpness in both images.

(See more Examples of raw vs jpeg formats at the end of this article so you understand deeply and very easily.)

Yes, this format gives you sharper images than JPEG format, because this format does not add blacks, contrast, brightness etc by default, and this all things matter allot.

3. More Powerful Brightness

  • So basically JPEG records 256 levels of brightness and on the other side RAW records between 4,096 to 16,384 levels of brightness, and its good for your photographs,

because of this, you get awesome smooth images, that’s the most important topic or we can say a point of RAW vs JPEG.

4. Better Print of Your Images

  • if you are doing photography in some family function or like wedding photography then this format is well and good to capture an image, because it does not give you any compressed output and as we know we get more brightness level so if you Capturing photography for printing purpose this format is good to use.

5.Feels like Professional Photographers

  • Professional Photographers must want every single photograph more sharper and clean then the previous photograph, so if you want to feel that feelings then start capturing images using this format.

Bonus For you

 6. Edit your Images without any Editing

  • haha,i know you get confused after reading this,but this is true believe me, because when you shoot using RAW and when you edit your Images then you are editing the copy of original photographs so don’t worry!!,no matter how bad you edit your photograph at the end you get better results.

7.Get Better Editing Experience

  • So if you are using Lightroom to edit your photographs then this topics definitely improve your editing skills,the reason behind that is when you edit your images using when you capture images using RAW format you get all info related to black, sharpness, colours, clarity etc in details so you can manage all this functionality by your own and once you learn all this,your skill must be improved.

8. When You should Shoot With JPEG

  • For Random Photography (photography without any purpose)
  • Normal moving situation(outdoor photography)
  • For Low-Quality Images
  • When your D-SLR Contain Less Memory Space
  • To Experience Fast Shooting

9. When You Should Shoot With RAW

  • For High-Quality Images
  • When Your D-SLR Contain High Memory Space
  • For Detailed Photographs
  • To get perfect Exposure
  • To print Your Photographs

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10. Examples Of RAW vs JPEG Shooting


So after seeing this example and knowing the difference between RAW and JPEG and RAW vs JPEG.

I hope you guys now understand the difference between RAW vs JPEG formats, and able to capture an image with this RAW format, If you Like this article then share it, thank you.

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