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HDR photography

HDR photography is one of the most trending and best type of photography technique available in the market right now if you’re only learning “how to handle all HDR effects” and your DSLR camera to capture some beautiful HDR shots.

no matter it’s Photoshop or Lightroom or any other photo editing software/applications you use.

but if you learn how to capture images with these HDR effects and also learn how to edit simple images with these HDR than at the end you 100% get better output.

in this article, you learn lots of new things related to HDR photography.

you learn and know the proper meaning of HDR & HDR photography and also WHY you need HDR photography and some benefits of HDR photography with beautiful examples of HDR photographs.

these all things are at top priority apart from these you also learn lots of new things, which I told you in this article.

HDR photography

so now without wasting any minute, let’s get started.

Why HDR Photography??

In Short Answer

let me ask you one question, in a matter of color sense which one is better!? your eyes or your DSLR camera ??, yes you are right it’s your eyes.

so when you are capturing some images of sunset or sunrise at that time what you see that you can’t able to capture the same view with your DSLR, that color, graphics, and clarity.

(the human eye can see in a range of approximately 10,000:1. In comparison, a good digital camera can capture a scene with about 1,000:1)

so to capture that kind of images with your DSLR you must need to understand HDR photography, and some basic DSLR settings(like exposure and shutter-speed).

but if you don’t know how to use manual mode then you are in trouble, so first you need to learn how to use manual mode and then come back to this article.

you don’t need to go anywhere to learn manual mode, here is the link…


In-Depth Answer

I knows this is the basic question which you’re asking me right now.

if we can able to capture beautiful images with our manual mode then why we need this unknown type of photography right??.

but wait this is not any normal type of photography.

let me tell you one of my best story which makes me realize that this HDR photography is not bed as you think.

Last year this photographer and his friends went on holidays and the photographer was driving his car through a huge Mountains and he just want to capture that movement.

and this guy the photographer is always ready to click!!, so he just grabs his DSLR with his tripod and starts capturing that beautiful moment and landscapes.

but when he captures some images he gets the result like this.

HDR photography

ummmm it’s too bad, isn’t it?

and he actually doesn’t know whats happening with his camera and manual settings.

and at that time he just knows about HDR photography, but don’t know how to apply it.

but one of his friend just change some settings and captures the same Image(and also did some minor editing).

see the difference.

HDR photography

(to capture this type of images you must need to understand HDR which is too easy to learn and apply just follow all these steps.)

What Is HDR?

So HDR stands for High dynamic range.

the word Dynamic range is the most important point to understand.

basically, HDR is a collection of Three words.

we know the meaning of high and Dynamic but here Range!! The range for what ??.

so here Range for your image clarity.

the word Dynamic range is a ratio of light and dark in your photograph.

did you see these HDR modes in your Smart-phones!!??.

HDR photography

and when you capture images using this mode then you get total two images (which you don’t know!! maybe), and the main reason behind this is dynamic range.

So that’s the simple meaning of HDR, or normally any android devices or iPhone contain this mode inbuilt within their camera, so you can use it.

How To capture Best HDR photos???

To capture HDR photos you must need to understand shutter-speed, exposure, and ISO, as I told you before.

If you know this three things and Auto Bracketing feature which is available in your DSLR then you can able to capture best HDR photos.

here is the shortcut to understanding this Auto Bracketing feature.

this is the sample images of this feature.

HDR photography

which is basically works on EV (Exposure Value).

Use the bracketing function of your camera and shoot in 2 EV steps.

For example: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 works great for most situations.

you can also use Spot metering technique to capture some awesome HDR photographs.

how HDR Photography works

so if you really want to know how to make HDR photographs then follow these couple of steps.

  1. capture any spot with under-exposure,over-exposure and with normal exposure.
  2. then combine all these photographs into single images.

that’s your HDR photograph, or that’s how HDR works.

(HDR Image is composed of 2 to 5 of the same image at different exposures.)

Best Software to Make any Image into HDR Photograph

actually I never use any of this software to make an image into HDR.

but I know some popular software’s which are used by expert photographers to make an image HDR.

software like photo-matrix pro,and some Noise Reduction software.

which you can use to edit your images and also to make an image into the HDR format.

if you are asking me then I must say that all these things are optional if you are working for some big project or freelancing then you must need to use all these types of software otherwise it’s not a good idea to buy it.

Which Format is better to Capture some beautiful HDR photographs ??

I know many of you don’t know about these formats.

normally everyone uses by default image format (JPEG) to capture HDR photograph.

but that’s not enough, and this one is your biggest mistake.

you must need to use RAW format to capture HDR photographs.

the main reason behind RAW format is that this format saves entire data of your image, so if you are using any software like Lightroom or Photoshop then you can easily manage exposure,shutter-speed etc with this format.

which you can not able to change with your JPEG format.

so that’s why RAW format is better to capture HDR images.

If you want to know why RAW formats are far better than JPEG then here is one resource which clears all your query related to RAW and JPEG.


Best Time To Use HDR.

So the basic answer is it depends on the environment, we know the reason – if there is low light or object is not clear and if there is too much amount of light available at that time we need to use HDR.

here is the list of best time or movement to capture best HDR photographs.

1.night photography

  • So while shooting night photographs, some pictures are dark so to make that images in a range we can use this feature.

2.high light portrait photography

  • In portrait photography, the main heart of photoshoot is the model’s face, if the Face is shining too much then its an issue, at that time you can use this feature.


3.landscape photography

  • when you click wide range of landscape photos then there is lots of difference between sky and lend and if the sun is shining well then automatically brightness increases(contrast), so at that time you can use this feature.


4.capturing images with a cloud environment

  • So again while shooting some thunder-storm images of cloud, sometimes we get too dark images to handle at that time we can use HDR.

5.black background low light photography

  • again low light to make an image more brighter or colorful using HDR.

 HDR photography with my Smart Phone

Some of our readers don’t even know that they can use HDR mode with their smartphone or able to capture HDR images with their smartphone.

they don’t need any expensive camera to capture HDR photographs.

So as you know there is one mode which you need to turn on to capture some beautiful HDR photos.

also, you don’t need any software like Lightroom or Photoshop to make your simple images into HDR.

you can use Adobe Lightroom which is available for Android, IOS, and windows device.

so using this app you can make your simple image into HDR.

there are lots of other application available but this one is the best, so I recommend this one for you.

(you can also do HDR videography, but I don’t know too much about this topic.

so I share some resource if you are interested then you can check these links out.


Some Beautiful examples of HDR photography

Best HDR image

Beautiful Image From Flicker

Best HDR photo

Beautiful Image From Flicker

HDR photography


HDR photography


HDR photography


HDR photography


HDR photography

Thanks for the awesome images – source – blamethemonkey

When You Should Not Use HDR

So basically when there is such a good amount of light or darkness is available or the combination of color are available then there is no need to use this mode. still, I am sharing some of the examples of “When You Should Not Use HDR”.

1.High Amount Of Colours Already Available

  • As you know HDR means High dynamic range, so this range uses to make light, darkness, color, contrast etc, to make it higher so our image looks beautiful, but if our image contains a good amount of color than do not use this feature.

2.Needed Amount Of The Combination Of Light And Darkness

  • So if you are getting an already better picture with simple mode then there is no need to use HDR.

3.Street Photographs

  • I am not talking about Traffic photographs, I am talking about photographs which contain some movement, we know this feature takes more time than a normal feature to click images so if we enable this mode then we never archive good result.

4. wind

  • If the wind speed is too much or more then normal then that’s not a good time to capture HDR photographs.

that’s the full quick guide related to HDR photography with some beautiful images, hope you like it, if you like it then share it.

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