Quick + amazing photography gear tips to master in 2019

photography gear tips

As a Photographer, we own lot’s of photography gears to improve our photography performance but somehow we don’t know how to use it, so in this article, I am sharing some amazing photography gear tips to master your photography skills using some existing and new gears.

get ready to know some quick and important tips to master your photography gears.

this article not only notify you about ‘how to use your photography gears‘ but it also shows you some good and proper way to improve your photography with your existing photography gears.

when I don’t know anything about some new/old photography gears

at that time after capturing some photographs using different modes & techniques and at the end, I can’t able to get the shot I want.

unfortunately, at that time I thought that this thing happened because of  ” no expensive gear “, I can’t able to get good photos.

but after two years, I realized that I was totally wrong !! you can able to catch genuine photographs with your existing photography equipment.

so the main point is that you don’t need some expensive photography gear to capture any eye-catching photographs.

you may get the image with the gear you already own, by just understanding the basic functionality of your gear.

Don’t give up on the gear just learn how to use your gear.

now without spending more time on understanding about gears let’s know some new and old photography gears which are available in 2019 and also how to use it properly.

if you are a newbie photographer then this article may save lots of your hard work and time. using this article you learn and understand which gear is best for you.

Quick + amazing photography gear tips to master

here are the most important or you can say the most needed photography gear tips which you must need to know to increase your photography skills in 2019.

A good tripod

  • a tripod is one of the most important gear.
  • if you are a beginner and want a steady camera to capture some sharp images with the good blurry background then you must need a good tripod.
  • you can even use a tripod to capture some good long exposure kind of photographs, you can’t able to capture these kinds of photographs without using a tripod.

night photography

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Buy camera lens not a camera

  • DSLR cameras are very important if you don’t own anyone, but if you own one DSLR camera then for clarity don’t buy another DSLR camera instead buy one good lens. ( most people buy a new DSLR camera body for more clarity )
  • there are lots of pluses or minus exists but good lenses will do more for your photos than any DSLR/Mirrorless camera body.
  • if you own two lenses then you can easily able to capture one single object with different ranges and at the end, it also gives you many different results.
  • also, lenses are not expensive than the camera body.
  • so always try to buy lenses first instead of the camera body.

Learn manual mode

  • if you are a pro then you can skip this point, but if you are a beginner then you must need to understand this mode.
  • if you learn something about this mode then you can easily capture some cool photos with your existing photography gears, you don’t even need to spend some more money to buy more expensive gears.
  • here is the quick guide to master manual mode.
  • these things save tons of your time to improve your photography skills.

Filter ( optional )

  • Filters are important for you only if you know how to capture sharp photographs and if you are a professional photographer, so I marked this field as optional if you want to know why filters are important then read further.
  • there are lot’s of different types of filters available in the market, but most people use Polarizing and neutral density filter.
  • basically, filter gives your images much-improved visual quality and it also cut down on glare off of things like water.
  • a filter can also be used to improve the contrast of the sky.
  • to know more about filters, have a look at this article.

photography gear tips

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  • Manual focus is also one of the most important stuff if you want to capture some sharp photographs.
  • if you know when to use MF instead of AF ( autofocus ) then it saves lots of your time.
  • also, you can able to capture photographs too quickly, because when you use autofocus you camera lens take too much time to analyze/sense the object via sensors.

Learn Manual Focus

Know RAW ( optional )

  • this is also optional for you, if you want more quality in your photographs then you must need to know everything about RAW.
  • Every single DSLR camera contains default image type as JPEG but if you are one of them who edit photographs like a PRO then you must need to use RAW.
  • its one type of image format like JPEG, but RAW is totally different than JPEG because when you select RAW, your camera sensor captures and stores everything.
  • so it makes easy for you to find every detail and just edit it just the way you like.
  • it’s not easy to explain everything about RAW but you can learn all about RAW vs JPEG HERE.

find some good locations ( optional )

  • places are very important to capture some good photographs.
  • if you know some good locations then you can easily shoot.
  • as an example, the combination of good locations + golden hour looks so amazing.
    • using this combination you can easily capture some awesome portrait photographs with sharp object and blur background.

Off Camera Flash Photography

shoot everywhere

  • this is a damn true and most important thing you need to do as a photographer.
  • for this you don’t need to do so many things, just grab your camera with you everywhere.
  • because of this, you know all the situations and also find some good ways to capture photographs in every single situation.
  • no matter its low light or very high, at the end you know and learn some good ways to capture awesome photographs.
  • after some hard work, you can easily able to capture good photographs.

take care of your gear ( optional )

  • this is also one of the most important parts for your photography gear tips.
  • if you have proper knowledge about how to use your DSLR camera but don’t know how to clean your camera lens and sensor then your camera can’t able to give you a much clear result.
  • so you must need to take care of your gears, buy some good Lens Cleaner & Sensor Cleaner to protect your camera and image quality.

Camera bag ( optional )

  • this part is for those who are a professional photographer or who are doing photography/videography with their day-to-day life.
  • if you own more then two camera and lenses with some required accessories then a good camera backpack is the most needed thing for you.
  • because I saw lots of people who bought low-quality camera backpacks and lost their expensive camera equipment.
  • so it’s better to buy a good camera backpack.

Find Amazon’s Best Camera Backpacks under 40$

Camera strap

  • normally when you buy any new DSLR camera you got one camera strap within.
  • but not every photographer like that camera strap because it’s not that much flexible and easy to use.
  • if you buy a new camera strap then it’s easy for you to capture photos the way you want.
  • using this camera strap you can reach all the camera function very easily and quickly and it also gives you the safety and security.
  • so if you want to capture photographs too quickly then you can try this type of camera straps.

photography gear tips

that’s all from my side, hope you guys like this article on ‘photography gear tips’ and know something new about photography equipment to improve your overall photography performance in 2019, wish you all the very best :).

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