Nikon D3300 Camera with 18-55mm lens Full Specification in Detail

Nikon D3300 Camera with 18-55mm lens

I saw many entry-level photographers(including Me !!)who likes to capture beautiful photographs but because of the wrong choice of DSLR, they can’t able to capture such an amazing shot.

So if you love photography and looking for new DSLR camera is less price or even you want to upgrade your photography skills, then this article helps you a lot to find the best DSLR camera for yourself.

In this article, I am talking about entry-level DSLR camera.

and the perfect entry-level DSLR camera stands for NIKON D3300.

there are lots of other reason available to buy this type of DSLR which we’ll see in this article.

Nikon D3300 Camera with 18-55mm lens

First of all, let’s see what types of equipment you get when you buy this Nikon D3300 camera.

So when you buy this D-SLR camera from any website like Amazon,e-bay etc or even you buy this D-SLR camera from any Shop you get total these things within the main Box. main body



  •  Basic manual on How to use your D-SLR or if you are lucky than a free coupon to learn photography online classes with Nikon’s official site.
  • this thing contains some secret coupon code within the manual book.


5.8GB memory card beg and accessories(battery, USB port etc)

So that’s the basic things you get when you purchase your New Nikon D3300 camera.

if you don’t get anyone of this then ask the supplier because these things are compulsory came within the box.

and with an 8GB memory card, you can click at list 900+ HD photographs.

Now let’s talk about why this D-SLR is best to buy for beginners and with cheapest rates.

Find The Best Mode To Capture The Real Beauty Around You

let’s see all Modes you got with this DSLR camera, which helps you to capture photographs in every different situation.


  • Programmed Auto
  • Shutter-Priority Auto
  • Aperture-Priority Auto
  • Manual
  • Guide Mode
  • Auto Mode
  • Auto Mode(Flash Off)
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Child
  • Close-up
  • Night Portrait
  • Sport


  • Movie Shooting

Each And Every Must Known And Awesome Features Of Nikon D3300 Camera.


  • So this D-SLR camera contains 24-megapixel camera with Best quality, so it gives you awesome sharp images.

2.Display Technology

  • this D-SLR contains LCD display technology, so now you can manage your whole D-SLR setting within this screen.
  • or you can also click better images with help of this LCD display.

3.Screen Size

  • this LCD Display contain total 3-inch screen size so it makes easier to click better images without looking at viewfinder Eyepiece.

4.Optical & Digital Zoom

  • so basically optical zoom is 1X, and Digital zoom is 8X.
  • digital zoom you get or see when you click on “live view Shooting“.
  • after clicking this button you can see the live shooting on 3 inch LCD display and this method is called as digital live shooting and its contain 10X zoom.which is really cool.

5.Display Resolution

  • its display resolution is 1080p(pixels).

6.Maximum To Minimum Shutter-Speed

  • this D-SLR contains maximum shutter-speed of 30 seconds and a minimum shutter speed of 0.0025 second, it’s too fast.

7.Maximum and Minimum ISO

  • this D-SLR contains maximum ISO -6400 and minimum ISO of 100.

 Bonus topics For You

8.Min Focal length

  • 22 F-Stop, F-stop is its unit or values like for speed its m/s.

9. Continues Shooting Speed

  • this D-SLR can able to shoot 5 frames per sec.

Pros of Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera

  • Best Nikon DSLR camera for beginners compared to Canon EOS 1300D,1500D,3000D, Nikon D3300.
  • price is very cheap.
  • this Nikon DSLR is very lightweight.
  • No low pass Filter(gives you more sharp images).
  • You Learn different modes then Canon. (Modes like Miniature, Partial Color, Night Shot).
  • As we can see there are much more Manual Features available, which you cant get in Canon or other entry-level DSLR cameras.
  • Get better HDR photographs then Nikon’s D5200

Cons of Nikon D3300 DSLR Camera

  • best for beginners, if you already used D40X and versions above then you will not like the image quality of Nikon D3300.
  • sometimes the camera is not able to sense the attachment of lens.

Advance Features of Nikon D3300

Different Focus Point

  • This D-SLR contain total 11 different focus point so if you are using autofocus mode which is good when you are a beginner and want to capture some beautiful sharp images, then this feature helps you a lot.
  • no matter where your object is this feature makes it sharper automatically and gives you better result ever.

Wi-Fi Transfer

  • Yes, this is a most expensive feature of this D-SLR.
  • so there is no more need of Cable to transfer images from your D-SLR to your Smartphone
  • using WIFI you can transfer images easily and very quickly
  • and the main thing is that your image Quality must remain same.


Now let’s talk about the perfect user who loves to handle this kind of DSLR from my perspective.

This Nikon D3300 is Made For ME ???

  • As I said before if you are a newbie in this photography world and love to do photography then this DSLR is best for you.
  • If you really want to make a career in photography but don’t have much amount of money then you can invest some money in this product.
  • If you travel a lot and also looking for some good DSLR camera in a decent amount of price then this Nikon D3300 is best for you, if you are not a beginner then you can buy some more expensive lens(like 35mm or 50mm) to capture much better photographs.
  • or even if you like to do amateur/noob type of photography then this DSLR gives you really great output.


Without any sale, you can buy this DSLR in between 480-500 $ (28000-30000 INR), from Amzone or other website or store.

For Indian users

Buy Nikon D3300 DSLR camera

For US users

Buy Nikon D3300 DSLR camera

so that’s all about Nikon D3300 Camera with all its specifications, I hope you guys like it if you like it then share it, thank you:).

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