Important Things TO-DO With Your PRIME 18-55mm Lens

18-55mm lenses

Before I bought myself a new DSLR camera I think capturing good blurred/HD photographs with my prime 18-55mm lens is quite easy.

but after buying a new DSLR camera things are not so easy !!

at that time I thought that if I spent some more dollars on that prime camera and bought an expensive camera which contains good quality lens then I can able to capture the photographs which I wanted.

but believe me that’s not the real truth, if you are thinking like me then you are wrong !!

there is nothing wrong with your primary 18-55mm lens.

ask yourself !! if you are thinking like me and looking for a new fancy lens which is better then your prime 18-55mm lens then this article is worth reading.


this article saves much of your funds and also gives you some good news to capture some real quality types of photographs with your prime lens.

so if you want to know some super tricks to capture good photos with your prime 18-55mm lens then this article is for you.

this article is totally about capturing good photographs with 18-55mm lens, it’s not a how-to type of guide.

if you don’t know how to use 18-55mm lens then here is the key.

Important Things TO-DO With Your PRIME 18-55mm Lens

this article contains my most favorite and IMPORTANT tricks to capture good photographs with 18-55mm lens !! hope you like it and enjoy it.

make background blur with your prime 18-55mm lens

When I bought a new DSLR camera, this thing is the most important for me.

that blurred background with a cool sharp object, that was just a different level of excitement.

but at that time I don’t know how things works, I don’t even know that why am I getting this kind of result because not every time I get that type of photographs.

at that time I use some different modes and auto-focus to get good blurry effects on my photographs, but behind the scene, I am very curious to know why am I getting this kind of images.

so in this point, I am sharing some of those important tips so you get sharp and blur background types of photographs without any problems.

remember, this ONE thing is the most important to archive good blurry effect on your photographs.

  • The Real Meaning of Aperture

to make blur background aperture is a must !!!

here is the web definition of Aperture.

  • Aperture refers to the opening of a lens’s diaphragm through which light passes – Nikonusa

Actually, Aperture decides two factors

  1. the smaller the f/number, the larger the aperture size
  2. and the larger the f/number, the smaller the aperture size.

see this image…

aperture with prime 18-55mm lens

if the aperture size is very less then larger the opening in the lens, so you get less depth of field and it gives you more blur type of background, and the same thing in-reverse works if you increase the aperture.

here is the golden key to capturing good blurred background with your prime 18-55mm lens.

Make aperture size as LOW as possible at maximum focal length 55mm( with 18-55mm lens you’ll get max aperture up to 5. something ) to capture good blurry photographs.

see this real example…

prime 18-55mm lens with aperture

credit: danathomas

Good Portrait with 18-55mm lens

yes !! this is true, this is not true that if you have a good focal length then only you can capture a stunning portrait photograph.

using your prime lens you can also able to capture a good portrait.

if you like to capture portrait photographs a lot then this thing is most important for you or you may also know this thing.

the perfect focal length for awesome portraits is around 85mm, here is the turning point.

we have a max focal length of 55mm then how can we capture a good portrait ??

don’t worry here are some simple steps to capture a good portrait with your prime lens.

  • if you are using any backdrops then simply make a good distance between your object and backdrop ( so we can blur the background effectively).
  • setup your camera ( if tripod available then use it ).
  • zoom-in your lens to its longest focal length of 55mm.
  • and then use the combination of aperture/focal length to capture good shots.
  • at the end crop your photograph to get a better portrait.

if you don’t know how to use manual mode then you can use Aperture Priority Mode, this mode is also good to capture good portraits.

if you are asking me about Shutter-speed and ISO then shutter-speed about 1/300 and iso is in-between 400-800 is the best option.

because it gives you very clear and sharp photographs.

you can also find places which looks more attractive, like a garden or any waterfall etc.

or also if you don’t know how to use Manual Focus then you can use auto-focus with single-point AF setting.

portait with prime 18-55mm lens

in the end, you’ll get an awesome blurred background with a rich quality photograph.

yeah, that’s it !! it’s too easy, believe me.

just practice a lot and one day you also can able to capture a good portrait with your prime 18-55mm lens.

may you like this

Hope you like all these tips and now get a better experience with your PRIME 18-55mm lens, if you like this article then please share it and comment below your favorite shot, thank you:).

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