Excellent Way To DOUBLE Your Photography Blog Traffic

photography blog traffic

When I began my photography blog, it was surprisingly hard to get a good amount of traffic to my photography website/blog.

you can see the variation between my first three months of blog traffic and after using some easy secrets, what I GOT within the next 3 months.


photography blog traffic


photography blog traffic

yeah, it’s not an overnight success, its too hard and little bit tricky to get this kind of traffic for some good photography blogs.

I started my site around 10 months ago !!!

so in this article, I am sharing some important tip so you can boost your photography blog traffic.

Excellent Way To DOUBLE Your Photography Blog Traffic

if you are an entry level photography blogger/travel blogger( any blogger related to photography ) and even if you are thinking to start a fresh new photography blog then this article saves a ton of time to get good traffic within fewer days.

so now let’s get straight to the point to know the secret.

HERE is the Secret

there are so many social media platforms available to share your content with other people.

I use one of the most famous social media platforms to get good traffic before Google starts indexing my pages.

and that platform is PINTEREST, huh? Pinterest !!! that’s unbelievable right ???, let me know how I do that.

I have total 400+ active followers on Pinterest within 3-4 months, and that’s the community which makes my article most popular, see this…

photography blog Pinterest account

my Pinterest account with intro and monthly viewers

to get followers like mine, you need to follow all these steps because you need totally active followers.

Things I did, to get good traffic

  1. Create a Pinterest Account
  2. Create some Interesting Boards which YOU like, Check mine to understand
  3. Get some Good information about other boards
  4. Share others pins and even collab with other people and FOLLOW


Create a Pinterest Account

just go to Pinterest.com and create your account.

photography blog traffic

create a good description (see my description.) so other people know your nature as a photographer, just make it simple and good that’s it.

Create some Interesting Boards which YOU like

if you don’t want to read all these boring stuff then just see my Pinterest Boards, know how to create beautiful boards !!!!

this is the most important part to get good traffic, every single visitor to your sites depends on the boards you create.

if you create a board related to sports and as we know we are talking about photography field then why a sports lover want to read stuff related to photography ??

so at the end it makes a bad impression on your Pinterest account, yes you get traffic but with less quality, that kind of users never came back to your site to know more about photography.

Just Follow my Pinterest account to know how I get good traffic from only pins and some tips related to photography.

Get some Good information about other boards

follow your favorite Pinterest board on Pinterest and just learn some new topics and share it with your audience so they can also learn something new about photography.

share others pins and even collab with other people and FOLLOW

this is also the most important part to building a good audience, not within this social platform but this thing is important to grow all your social platforms.

no matter its Facebook, Instagram or even twitter.

you must need to share some good pins ( don’t share unnecessary pins ), just share what you and may your audience love.

Congrats, your 70% of work is over, after creating a stunning account just follow this default steps.

yeah, now it’s time to create an article which you love and enjoy to write.

after finding a good topic, follow these tips for a better result.

if you just started your blog more then 4-6 months ago then you must know or some of you’re already following these steps.

  1. Create a good SEO friendly Article with attracting headline
  2. Create a Good Logo with text
  3. just share it  


Find Good Keyword

  • find some low quality with less KC keywords.

Create a Good Attracting Headline

  • go to headline analyzer and create a headline which contains a score greater or equal to 70.

photography blog traffic

Create a good SEO friendly Article

  • now its time to take a cup of coffee and write something amazing.

Create a Good Logo with text

  • this is another most important point, if you create a good design then it makes your followers click on that link.
  • to create a good logo, I use Canva.

photography blog traffic

just create your account

  • such a good tool to create logo and design on the go, you can even upload your own photos and edit the text.
  • there are tons of different design options are available.
  • to get good HD photographs I use Unsplash.

JUST share it

  • share your article on Pinterest, and that’s it.

photography blog traffic

just click on create a pin and enter your live article’s URL, description.

and add an image that you created using canva that’s it.

photograph blog traffic

now you can save your pins to related boards.

once any users think it’s helpful then he/she may read it, pin it or even share it with other social platforms.

may you like this

hope you guys understand how I get a good amount of traffic to my photography site.

and also hoping you like these article on “increase photography blog traffic“, thank you good luck.


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