Canon EOS 1300D Review In Detail | Best Entry Level DSLR? – 2019

there are lots of new DSLR’s available in the market right now.

and I know you are totally confused and also can’t able to choose the right one.

if you are facing the same type of problem or may you know your future DSLR or a DSLR which you like to buy but totally confused between your favorite DSLR and another DSLR which are available in the market right now.

so for this reason in this article, I am sharing with you some important specification of Canon EOS 1300D.

if you like this Canon DSLR and want to know why this DSLR is best for beginners and its all specification with some examples then this article is totally for you.

or if you confused between Canon and Nikon’s DSLR then don’t worry all your problem must be solved within this article.

this article contains only information related to Canon’s 1300D DSLR camera.

(if your favorite DSLR is Nikon then I give you one resource where you can find the best information related to Nikon’s DSLR camera for a beginner with the lowest market price.)


Canon EOS 1300D

canon EOS 1300D

So when you buy this DSLR from any store or from any e-commerce website you got total this things inside one big box.

  • Camera Main Body
  • Lens(18-55 mm)
  • Booklet
  • Charger
  • 16GB Memory Card
  • One Beg And Accessories(Battery, USB port etc)

So that’s all things you got inside the box.

if you can’t get any one of these then you are in trouble.

now let’s see all the features of this Canon DSLR.

Features Of EOS 1300D

As we know there are lots of new DSLR available in the market with lowest price rate like Nikon D3300 but this DSLR is Amazon’s bestseller, so the main reason behind this all is its specification or we can say this DSLR’s features.

so, first of all, let’s see total modes which are available in this Canon EOS 1300D.


1.Creative Zone

(best modes to learn Manual photography very quickly).

  • Program AE
  • Shutter-priority AE
  • Aperture-priority AE
  • Manual Exposure

2.Basic Zone

  • Scene Intelligent Auto
  • Flash Off
  • Creative Auto

3.Image Zone


  •  Movie Shooting

So that’s all modes you get with your Canon EOS 1300D.

Big BONUS for you

Now let’s talk about its all technical features.

Each And Every “Must known And Awesome Features” Of Canon EOS 1300D.


  • So this D-SLR camera contains 18-megapixel camera with HD quality, so it gives you better and sharper images.

2.Display Technology

  • this D-SLR contains LCD display technology, so now you can manage your whole D-SLR setting within this screen, or also you can click better images with help of this LCD display.

3.Screen Size

  • this LCD Display contain total 3-inch screen size so it makes more easier to click better images without looking at viewfinder Eyepiece.

4.Optical & Digital Zoom

  • so basically optical zoom is 1x  and Digital zoom is 10X, which is really cool.

Know Types Of Photography – To Earn Money with Different genres of photography

5.Display Resolution

  • its display resolution is 1080p(pixels).

6.Maximum To Minimum Shutter-Speed

  • this D-SLR contains maximum shutter-speed of 30 seconds and a minimum shutter speed of 0.0025 seconds, it’s too fast.

7.Maximum and Minimum ISO

  • this D-SLR contain maximum ISO -6400 and minimum ISO of 100.

Know the combination of ISO, Shutter-speed, and Exposure

8.Min Focal length

  • 29 F-Stop, F-stop is its unit or values like for speed its m/s.

9.Continues Shooting Speed

  • this D-SLR can able to shoot 3 frames per sec.

So here is the most important part of this DSLR’s specification.

because all these features make this DSLR more Different than any other DSLR with this type of low price.

Expensive Features

Different Focus Point

canon EOS 1300d

  • This D-SLR contains total 9 different focus point so if you are using autofocus mode which is good for newbies.this feature helps a lot, no matter where your object is.this feature makes it sharper automatically and gives you a better result.

Wi-Fi Transfer  

As we know this is digital world and people like to do work with fewer pieces of equipment.

so this condition also applies to this Canon EOS 1300D DSLR.

yes, this DSLR contains WI-FI image transfer, so you don’t need any cable to transfer your images first to your laptop then your smart-phone.

using Canon Camera Connect Application (available for Android and ISO both devices) you can easily get images into your smart-phone without any compression.

don’t know how to do that ?? , don’t worry here is the full detailed article which guides you how to set up your DSLR and Application to transfer HD images.


or also using this application you can do live shooting so that’s also one of the best things you can do with your DSLR when you want to capture yourself without asking someone to click your photo.


This is the most important part of this article.

So you can buy this D-SLR  around 400-450$(23000-28000 INR), that’s the very cheap price to buy new D-SLR with all these Extraordinary Features.

For Indian user…

For US users…

if you’re asking me about this DSLR then honestly this one is the best for beginners and also for those who want to expand their career in photography or even as a hobby you can buy this Canon EOS 1300D.
I am using this camera since last one year and, till I capture beautiful images.

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hope you guys like this Canon EOS 1300D DSLR with all its important specification, if you like it then share it, thank you.

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