Amazon’s Top Rated Dolica Tripod GX600B200 Review | 2019

Dolica Tripod GX600B200's

There are tons of new tripod’s available right now and it’s too hard to find the quality tripodĀ under less budget with great stability, isn’t it ?.

Last day I’m searching for some best and more reliable tripod under budget (on Amazon) and I just found the Dolica Tripod GX600B200, which one is totally under budget and the price of that Dolica tripod is really cheap with great customer review.

So in this article, I am reviewing Dolica Tripod – GX600B200, which I recently bought from Amazon.

so if you are searching for “Best Dolica Tripod review” or “Dolica Tripod GX600B200 review” or even “good tripod under budget” then this article is totally for you.

If you like this tripod then just click on the link at the end of this article, so you can buy it quickly and I can buy coffee for myself.

Amazon’s Top Rated Dolica Tripod GX600B200 Review | 2019

In this article, we’re covering total this things…

  • Description of Dolica Tripod GX600B200.
  • Features of Dolica tripod GX600B200.
  • Conclusion
  • Final price of this tripod.

Description of Dolica Tripod GX600B200

IF you are a professional photography then this tripod is best for you, you know why ?? let’s find the best answer.

Features of Dolica Tripod GX600B200

Unique Features

  • NBR foam grips

    • That’s the thing which not every tripod company gives you, the NBR foam grips.
    • Because of this types of grips, you can hold your tripod very strongly in any condition, like no matter what type of whether it is.
  • The sleek ball head

    • It includes a quick release plate with a 3/8 inch mount for your camera, so it means your camera got attached to the tripod so tightly, it makes one lock with these two things.
    • Also, You are able to make an angle of 360 degrees with these tripods so you don’t need to unlock and make lock again with your D-SLR to capture at an opposite side.
  • Bonus for you !!

if you are just an entry-level photographer then these tripods are best for you.

  • Top 5 Lightweight Camera Tripod Under 19$ | For Beginners
  • four-level positioningDolica Tripod GX600B200

    • That’s one of the best features of this Dolica Tripod, as you can understand from its names, total four positions you can take with this tripod,but….how?.
    • let me tell you, using this dolica tripod you can able to manage the legs of this tripod by yourself.
    • So if you want to capture some landscape photographs then just make your tripod at its maximum or if you want to capture some micro shots then just make your tripod at its low.
    • So Uneven surface is an issue for you as a professional photographer then I strongly recommend you to buy this dolica tripod GX600B200.
  • It’s interchangeable

As I mentioned before, the legs of the tripod, you can manage by your self so if you want to capture the best portrait then you can do it with this types of the tripod.

Most Common Features

  • The maximum height of tripod: 60 inches.
  • Minimum height of tripod: 22 inches.
  • color – black.
  • Nonslip rubber feet with the retractable spike.
  • So you can capture the image no matter what types of surface you got.
  • 3-position leg.
  • Also get Counter weight hook.
  • Net weight: 2.5 lbs (Four pounds including case.).
  • Maximum weight: 15 lbs.
  • Material: Lightweight aluminum alloy and Plastic Polymer Composite (PPC).
    • So the condition of your tripod must remain good for a long time, and you can also able to capture the best shot because this material increases the overall stability.


You can use these type of tripod in every condition.

if you are shooting microphotography or portrait or landscape etc, this tripod is best for you because’s under budget quality is great
3.good stability
4.Amazon best seller can manage the legs by your self.
6.get one hook.

And the best on

You get 5 Years Of Warranty, so you Finally can TRUST on these Dolica tripod GX600B200.


  • For US citizen
    • tripod @ 47$ for 60 inch | 51$ for 65 inch

  • For Indian citizen
    • tripod @ 7400 INR for 60 inch

buy this Dolica Tripod GX600B200

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Hope you guys like this in-depth but quick review on Amazon’s bestseller tripod called “Dolica Tripod GX600B200”, thank you.

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