How To Transfer High quality images Using canon camera connect app

there are so many other ways available to transfer your images from your DSLR to your Smartphone.

and the best way to transfer your images is WIFI transfer, but its little bit difficult to connect your smart-phone with your DSLR and get the images directly into your smart-phone isn’t it ??.

if you want to know how to transfer HD images from your DSLR to your smart-phone or if you are facing some issues while transferring an image and want to learn then this article helps you a lot.

So in short in this article, I am telling you “How To Transfer High-quality images camera connect application ” in detail.

and also what other things you can do with these cameras connect application and how to get full resolution HD images.

so if you don’t know any of these then you must need to read this article.

in this article, I am talking about how to setup WI-FI setting for your canon camera connect an application to transfer images.

and this application works same as Nikon(use Nikon’s application ) which is available at play-store.

First of all WI-FI, we know the proper meaning of WI-FI.

canon 1300D contain this types of functionality and many other DSLRs.

and using this you can transfer images using some specific android application.

How To Transfer High quality images Using canon camera connect app

I am using canon 1300d and using canon camera connect app, I’ll show you how to transfer HD images from your DSLR to smart-phone step by step.

this application’s functioning is same as Nikon and other branded camera.

if you don’t understand anything then just comment below.

here are the basic steps which you must need to follow to transfer images from your DSLR to smartphone.

1.Turn On W-FI  Setting 

First of all turn on your D-SLR and go into menu option and make WI-FI enable.

see this image.

canon camera connect app

  • Now you see there is the first option like WI-FI/NFC just make it enable to use your WI-FI.
  • NFC you can use if your smartphone contains NFC features(most of Sony’s smartphone contain this feature).
  • using this NFC mode you can get your images into your smart-phone but still, you must need the application, so better you download the application first.

    canon camera connect app

2.Setup Your D-SLR WI-FI Settings

  • So after making your WI-FI enable just go to second option “WI-FI Function“.
  • After this, there is two option one to connect your smartphone or another one is for web services.
  • so I am talking about smartphone only because if you are using web services then you must need computer/laptop then it’s better to transfer images directly through the cable.

    canon camera connect app

    canon camera connect app

  • Now you can see the DISP.general setting option so selects DISP button.
  • Here you can edit your nickname or you can check the errors if it’s coming while connection at error details.
  • after that, there is an option like Clear WI-FI settings if you want to join another smartphone then you must need to use this option.

canon camera connect app

  • Then Press OK. after loading you go back to a menu. then again make your WI-FI settings enable.
  • Then register a name as you wish.
  • Click ok by pressing menu.
  • Then choose where you want to connect, its connect to smartphone or web.
  • Click connect to a smartphone.
  • There is two option one is an easy connection and another one is a select network. choose an easy connection.
  • select a network is to select the settings of a network by your choice.

    canon camera connect app

  • Now all settings are done on your D-SLR.

lets set your smartphone for this.

3.Setup You Canon Camera Connect App

  • Now from your smartphone download Canon Camera Connect App
    • (no matter its android or iPhone)(download application for – Android | IOS)
  • After installing the application, open your WI-FI settings and make it on.
  • you can see your D-SLR’s nickname. just click on it, and now enter a password.
  • a password is the Encryption key which is available within your D-SLR, you can see this image.

    canon camera connect app

  • Now connect to it.
  • After this open, the canon camera connect app.

    canon camera connect app

    canon camera connect app

  • after this, you see this type of image. select your D-SLR.and click on your D-SLR setting, it’s just for making more secure.
  • After that, your D-SLR’s light just turned off and by using images on a camera you can get your images.

Bonus For You

4.To get high-resolution images.

For this go to settings and choose to Resize option and click on Don’t resize..

So now you can able to get full HD quality images.

canon camera connect app

canon camera connect app

5.What other things you can do with this application.

So using this application you can do live video shooting.

in that case, your smartphone works as one remote and you can click better images/videos without touching your D-SLR.

Use of Remote live view shooting.

to capture a Full family image, or your own images also to capture beautiful portraits you can use this feature.

canon camera connect app

So when you want to click the full family image so now you can use this feature and by your smartphone, you can click the images.

it’s like selfie stick.yes, I know you can do it by setting up self-timer.but using this live view shooting you can see everyone’s poster or everything so it’s far better than self-timer.

May you like this

wildlife photography

if you have 18-55mm lens then using this feature you can set your D-SLR at one perfect position after this via live shooting and autofocus mode you can click better images.

Location information 

this is also most important feature if your D-SLR contains WI-FI/NFC, using this you can able to get the location of your D-SLR.

if your D-SLR’s WI-FI setting is enabled, so it’s more secure to use.

That’s the basic guide on  How To Transfer High-quality images Using canon camera connect app.

hope you guys like this article, if you like it then share it, thank you.

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  2. I came across this article and I was wondering if you know why the following is happening to me. I shoot in RAW when I try to transfer my images to my iPad using CC, with do not resize, I only get a JPG image of around 3.5 MP. In addition no EXIF info is included. Any ideas? Thx!

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