Cheap But Terrific DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber | 2019

DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber

In today’s date Youtube is one of the most growing and winning social media platform available, and because of this everyone wants to be a youtuber, primarily in India, every teenager wants to be a youtuber (that’s true).

if you have that quality, if you plan a good video or good content then via youtube you can good earn money(not that much easy), or some fame too.

as you know its too hard to earn money from youtube but believe me, that’s the most attractive thing which makes any young guy create a new youtube channel.

but there are a lot of other circumstances available which came when any new users just start a youtube channel.

in this article, we are talking about one of this portion which is most important, especially if you don’t have sufficient money to buy some required equipment like DSLR camera, tripod then this is the most helpful article for you.

I hope, now you know that in this article I am sharing some good DSLR cameras for Indian youtuber, because of this as a youtuber, you can serve good content with quality to your audience.

so now without spending more minutes on that, let’s get started.

Cheap But Terrific DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber

this article is very frank & straightforward.

and in this article, I am sharing the most affordable yet useful DSLR cameras for Indian youtuber.

you can buy all of these DSLR cameras in between 20-45K INR from Amazon or any other online or offline store.

buying this class of DSLR camera is not a big deal for now because you can buy it on EMI.

if you are looking for a brand-new DSLR and find this article helpful then please buy all these pieces from the link which are provided at the end of every DSLR camera’s small review, that ONE CLICK encourages me to improve my site, thank you.

here is the list of standard DSLR cameras for Indian youtuber.

BEST Budget DSLR cameras for Indian youtuber

  1. Canon 1300 
  2. Nikon D3400 
  3. Nikon D5300 
  4. Nikon D5600 


as I suggested before this article is straightforward (only highlight most important features) so if you want a complete review on any of these DSLR cameras then I’ll provide a link for you.

just click on that link and came back to know more details about other budget DSLR camera.

listed below all DSLR cameras price is in increasing order, and as you know if you spend more money then you got more features and quality.


1.Canon 1300D

This is under budget or you can say most affordable DSLR camera available on Amazon right now.

I personally used this DSLR camera for photography with primary lens and it’s just impressive.

DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber

special price @ Amazon GREAT INDIAN FESTIVAL(All other sc captured during these sales)


as you can see this DSLR camera is made by canon so the quality of this DSLR camera is Awesome.

there are total two varieties available of this DSLR camera

1.Body + 18-55mm lens
2.Body + 18-55mm lens + 55-250mm Lens

( listed below every DLSR camera has two varieties but this one is cheaper)

if you have a little bit of experience on youtube then you can go for the second variation which contains both lenses.
but if you are an entry level youtuber then the first option is the best one, that’s my recommendation.

now let’s talk about some of the interesting features of Canon 1300D and why it’s in our list of best budget DSLR cameras for Indian youtuber.

Features of Canon 1300D

+ this DSLR contain 18 Mega-pixel with APS-C CMOS sensor.
+ also contain 9-point AF which is helpful if you want to capture sharp object with blur type of photographs and many more.
+ other normal features

One important feature

this DSLR contain WI-FI, so you can quickly transfer your HD photographs without any cable, that’s just excellent.

as you already seen the image, you can buy this DSLR camera around 20-22K form Amazon.


2.Nikon D3400

this one is from Nikon, Nikon D3400.

this DSLR camera contains more features then Canon 1300D that’s why its higher in price compared to Canon 1300D.

this DSLR camera also contains some variation.

DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber

using this camera you can continuously Shoot 5 photographs per one second.

also, compare to canon 1300D you get better megapixel ( Nikon D3400 gives 24.20 Megapixels ).

more Mega-pixel means excellent image quality.

you can see the image and the price considered for this camera is with two lenses.

so you can buy this DSLR camera with less price than the actual price.


3.Nikon D5300

this is another from Nikon and its Single-Lens Reflex DSLR Camera.

this DSLR contain the same mega-pixel as Nikon D3400.

DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber

Nikon D5300 also contain CMOS sensor.

and the important this for us is quality, so this DSLR camera has 24.78 million total pixels, that means wonderful image quality.

as I mentioned before more price more feature so one more interesting feature of this DSLR camera is that it contain reflex viewfinder.

this DSLR camera also contains built-in WI-FI to transfer the high-quality image without any cable.

this is the first DSLR camera made by Nikon which contain WI-FI facility.



4.Nikon D5600

if you have more then 40K then you can spend your money to buy this Beast.

one advice for you !! if you are an Expert youtuber then this DSLR camera is best for you, this DSLR camera is not for ANY ENTRY-LEVEL youtuber.

DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber

learn how to become an expert youtuber

because there are lot’s of circumstances affect when you’re just a newbie and bought a pro DSLR camera.

this DLSR camera also contains WI-FI facility.

New Nikon D5600 contains 24.2 effective megapixels(that’s an old thing), an EXPEED 4 image-processing engine (that’s a totally new thing), it’s too much active than other DSLR cameras.

this DLSR contains 39 autofocus points, but you don’t need them every time because if you utilize this amount of money then I’m sure you know a little bit of photography and videography.

your photographs automatically store on the cloud (Nikon Image Space), which is also an important point.

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that’s all from my side, hope this information helps you to grow your youtube channel.

if you like this article on “Best Budget DSLR Cameras For Indian Youtuber” then please share it, so other people can get real knowledge before spending money on new DLSR cameras thank you.

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