Canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300 | Which One Is Better to buy

Canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300 Which Is Better

There are lots of beginner photographers available in the market who don’t know which DSLR camera is best for them, with the cheapest price and with good picture quality.

if you are one of them and confused between this two DSLR product Canon and Nikon, then your wait is over.

here in this article, you’ll find the main differences between this two best products DSLR with some of their own advantages and disadvantages.

so now without further discussion lets get started.

Canon Vs Nikon

In today’s article, we are talking about Canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300 D-SLR.

both are available with low price or also beginner always like to buy D-SLR from these two company mostly.

the reason behind that is this DSLR are branded and made by trusted D-SLR companies.

Canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300 Which Is Better ??

First of all, after the end of this article, you’ll know and understand total all these things.

  1. MegaPixels
  2. All Technology, size and other features
  3. Digital Zoom
  4. Resolution
  5. Things you get with each product Canon and Nikon
  6. Price

So let’s understand every important part or Features of this Two D-SLR’s deeply.


in this case, Canon-1300D gives you 18 megapixel and Nikon-3300D gives you 24 megapixel.

so Yes Nikon gives you high megapixel compares to Canon’s DSLR.

which says that its Picture quality must be good so for better quality Purpose you can use Nikon.

but wait canon also gives you 18 megapixel which also a great option.

so if you are a beginner photographer then you may choose Canon or Nikon because I used both of these two DSLR’s and the quality of images is not so different.

2.Display Technology, screen size, optical zoom | canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300

So in this part both the products gives the same type of Display, screen size or optical zoom,

it contains LED type of display and 1X optical zoom with a screen size of 3 inches.

3.Digital zoom

Digital zoom means we can see the live footage on 3-inch display.

in Canon, its zoom capacity is 10X but Nikon’s Zoom capacity is when you can’t able to capture particular object like a bird which is so far from our D-SLR.

so at that time for sharp images, you must need to use these feature because as a beginner photographer you don’t have any manual grip on your DSLR camera and its lens.

Especially when you use 18-55mm lens at that time you must need to use this.

here is the full chart or comparison between canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300.

so you know which DSLR is best for you.

canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300

4.Display Resolution and Maximum to Minimum Shutter-speed

Both D-SLR Contain the same amount of Display Resolution, both contain Display Resolution of 1080p, so it’s really cool.

Video quality must be Good, or shutter speed is also same in both D-SLR.

 maximum shutter-speed is 1/4000 second and minimum shutter-speed is 30 Second


5.Both Products contains total this things 

with this canon 1300D and Nikon D3300 you get total these things inside one big box.

User manual.

16 GB SD card, camera bag and 18-55mm lens, this all things are available with this Product.

I am not talking about battery and Charger, USB cable etc because all these things are a necessary part of this both product.

also using this product we can transfer images in total HD quality with using WIFI.


so it’s totally wireless we don’t need any cable or laptop to get images instant to our smartphone that’s the great benefit of it.

it’s totally new when a Year ago I bought a new Canon-1300D and its give WIFI facility but right now both products give that types of a facility which is really important for both of us.

So if you’re Buying D-SLR just to shoot photographs as a Hobby than its fine but if you really want to become a professional photographer then you need to buy Canon-1300D.

both D-SLR is good to use and always gives better result but I used both D-SLR and as a beginner if you get everything in Cheapest price then why to Buy Extraordinary !!??.

it’s not like you Buy New D-SLR and next day you Became professional photographer, so you must need to decide for yourself which one is made for you and best for you.

and the Final point…


It’s the most important part of this all article, so both D-SLR are really good.

and easy to use but here Canon has some less mega-pixel compares to Nikon.

but that’s not a BIG issue for newbies and other all features are same in this both D-SLR.

we can buy canon1300D @ price between 400-450$(23000-28000 INR).

buy Canon1300D

Buy Nikon D3300

and we can buy Nikon 3300D @ price between 480-500$(28000-30000 INR).

You May like this(Secret bonus)

so the final call must be from your side.

if you have enough passion and dedication then you must become a professional photographer.

so that’s my words on canon 1300D Vs Nikon D3300, hope you guys like it if you really like it then share it, thank you.

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