7 Unknown Black And White Photography Tips For Beginners ( UPDATED – 2018)

black and white photography

After doing photography for last 7 years I found that there are lots of photographers available who don’t know “How to do black and white photography“.

the main reason behind this is that every beginner photographer doesn’t know how many different types and methods are available to capture the single object, actually, there are multiple ways, but don’t worry I don’t even know when I was a beginner in this photography world.

and right now the best question is that not everyone knows the answer to this question –  “Why do we capture/shoot black and white photography !!??”,if you don’t know then this article is totally for you.

There is not an issue if you completely don’t know about black and white photography.

Black And White Photography

in this article, you get all the detailed information related to this Type of photography so read this article carefully.

So in this article, I am sharing some awesome seven tips to do better or sharper black and white photography.

what condition is needed to capture a black and white photograph, or when to edit your colorful images into black and white photographs etc types of cool tips.

Black And White Photography Tips For Beginners

So here are my most Important Tips for beginners to archive greatness over Black and White Photography, which I strongly follow and always able to get the best output.

so you just need to read all these tips and you need to do proper practice for some time to archive mastery over it.

and that’s the real key to success.

So in short here are the Top 7 Tips & tricks, which you must need to follow to improve your black and white photography

1.Shoot More Sharper Black And White Images

2.Image Size Matters

3.When To Edit Your Colorful Photographs Into Black And White Photographs.

4.ISO Settings to do better black and white photography

5.Basic Edit Tips To Get More Sexy Photographs (Colorful Images To B/W Images)

6.Best Time To do Black and white Photography

7.Other Manual Setting With Your D-SLR

Before we start, here is one big bonus surprise for you guys…

1.Shoot More Sharper Black And White Images

  • So that’s the basic methodology to get more beautiful black and white photographs.
  • the reason to click more sharper images is,because when you click sharper images and then simply convert it into black and white form then the clarity or HDR must remain as it is so because of this you don’t need to do EXTRA Editing on your Photograph which is more better and important (clarity maintain). SO always get ready to shoot sharper images.

2.Image Size Matters

Black And White Photography

Basically, if you are using Canon D-SLR (which I have)So there are lots of different option available related to image size (Actually it does not matter in which image size you capture images but sometimes it works).

So just make your image size to RAW.

the main reason to change image size is this that when you change JPEG to RAW, you get sharper images then JPEG.just try this thing!!.

May you like this

3.When To Edit Your Colorful Photographs Into Black And White Photographs.

There are lots of people asking me questions like “How do you make picture black and white ??” this part is related to this thing, So there is two option to edit you colorful images into a black and white photograph.

  • Edit images within your D-SLR.
    • So it gives so much light output,it means it just edit some little things in your photograph and convert it into black and white photograph, which is useful at some level because if your image is not too much sharper and exposure is too low then it gives you bad quality output,and you hate it,so if your image is sharper then apply this thing otherwise use second point.
 to get more sharper Images just capture in RAWKnow Why RAW is Far Better Then JPEG 
  • Edit your image using Photo editing application.
    • So if your image is not sharper or even it contains low or high exposure then you just need some best photo editing application which able to edit all these things, so at the end, you get sharper images as well as better output too.

4.ISO Settings to do better black and white photography

while shooting black and white photographs your iSO must be LOW in order to get more beautiful b/w images.

because if your ISO is low in daylight or even while you are shooting at night then it’ll give you better output.


5. Basic Edit Tips To Get More Sexy Photographs (Colorful Images To B/W Images)

If you get already sharper and blurry background images then there is no need to edit your image just simply convert your colorful images – > black and white image that’s it.

there is no more need if you already get gold.

6.Best Time To do Black and white Photography

So Really there is no best time available to shoot this types of photography because if the weather is too hot or light then using Low ISO you get better images, and if the weather is too low then its too easy to get best photographs.
you can shoot

  • Portrait wedding (the hot one)
  • Random (street photographs in high light)
  • Kids & animal’s photographs
  • Night photographs
  • Indoor photography

this all are just examples you can use this technique for every photo shoot but there is one big need of the Creative mind, and I know you have that mind :).

7.Other Manual Setting With Your D-SLR

Just check your ISO and Aperture normally, if your ISO is at last low-level then just increase your Shutter-speed to get more Darker images and do same opposite thing if you want to get brighter images.

and make your AEB setting(for exposure)to low to get more dark and sharper images.

no matter how bright outside is, using this setting you must get more awesome black and white photographs.

So that’s my pro seven tips to archive mastery over black and white photography.

I hope one day you archive your target in black and white photography and click awesome images !! if you like this article then share it, thank you.

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