7 Of The Best Family Photography Tips | Beginner’s Quick Guide

That’s very rare movement in your life when your whole family is available at one place, and you get one lucky chance to impress everyone by doing some awesome Family Photography or we can say family portraits or photographs.

So in this article, I do not tell you the full detailed information related to portrait photography.

detailed information means what is the meaning of portrait photography or best tips to capture beautiful portrait photographs even you are a newbie and with your normal camera equipment.

family photography

If you want to Know the proper meaning of portrait photography or how to capture best portraits then I’ll give you some of the best articles which are very important to improve portrait photography, so if you want to capture “Family portraits”, then first read this the article that’s my humble request.

family photography is the best way to represent your entire family, or that “Relation” or “Love” makes that family photograph or photoshoot a lot more beautiful.

So as I told you before I remove the word “Portraits” from “Family portrait photography” and make it as “Family photography“, the main reason behind is now you know the meaning of portrait so that “Family portrait photography” sounds too boring, isn’t it ??, now let’s understand basic things or tips to get mastery over family Photography.

7 Of The Best Family Photography Tips | Beginner’s Quick Guide

So here is the List…

1. Never Miss This Opportunity

2.Capture The Relations

3.Stay Alert

4.Beautiful Costume

5.Basic Camera Settings

6.Camera Equipment

7.Best Poses

let’s understand every s tip in detail so you can capture beautiful family photographs.

1.Never Miss This Opportunity

Not Every Time You got this type of opportunity because in this busy life no one spends their time with their family the social media and all other stuff is so important for them, that’s the main reality.

family photography

So the first and most important point to do better family photography is this Opportunity, so whenever your all family set meet up then just grab the opportunity and capture that feeling in your photograph.

and as you know I am not talking about a small family like a mother father sister and brother, this opportunity is for a big family, where lots of family member share happiness with each other.

2.family photography: Capture The Relations

My family is too big so its damn hard to collect all of them, but because of some family function or etc somehow all came together and that’s the rare chance to do family photography.

family photography
so when you got this types of a chance to do best family photography then Mostly capture the Relation.

it means the relation between mother and son, the relation between father and his daughter etc types which gives an infinite feeling to your family photographs, see the example @ tip no 3.

3.family photography: Stay Alert

So as you know that to do the best family photography that “Relation” Must matters, because that’s all images which were captured by you that’s all are random images, and I hope you know the power of random photographs, in short you get 9/10 best images.


family photography

So for this, you must need to remain active, so your digital camera or the settings which must needed to capture best sharp images must be done before you do family photography.

If you don’t know How to Do Manual Photography then just Click with other modes like Program AE or Portrait Mode and even if you don’t know how to use the manual focus than just do family photography with autofocus.

But it’s not good to archive success with this Autopilot mode, you just need to learn all these things, here is the article which helps you to learn manual photography as well as manual focus in the better way.

4.Camera Equipment for family photography

Normal equipment are good enough to capture beautiful family photographs, yes that’s true.you need one simple lens by default 18-55 mm and digital camera, that’s it.

Or if you are a Professional photographer and want to spend some money then buy flashguns to get better family portraits while attending some important functions.

now you are good to go.

5.Beautiful costumes to make your Family photographs more better

this thing matters allot, its too much fun to do family photography when you are attending some wedding function because all member of your family are in well Costume, and all looks really good, that’s why I love to shoot more while attending weddings.

Its Common sense if your Costume is not better then you always looks bad in the entire family portraits, just do it once and you’ll understand this part.

so always get the best costume and get the better family photographs.

6.Basic Camera Settings – Most Important 

This is the most important part to get best family photographs.

no matter how quickly you capture or how beautiful is your costume but if your camera settings are not much good enough then you always get worst results, and that’s not good news for any photographs.

So here are the basic settings which you must need to Setup “Manually” to do best Family Photography.

Here I share some BASIC Important features which you must need to Setup, if you want to learn more about all these features then I’ll share some links where you can learn all these features in detail.

  • ISO

    • So ISO is the Thing which is needed When you are capturing images in too low light or when you are capturing images in too high light, so it means ISO makes the level of lights, if you are capturing in Low Light then make your ISO high like 3200-6400 or if you are capturing Images
    • with High light (like capturing outdoor family photo shoot) then just make your ISO low like 100-200 .that’s it.
  • Flash

    • So flash is important to capture a very sharp image or even when there is low light to fill more colors you can use flash.
    • in my D-SLR I get total five types of different flash types, it’s basically to make your flash brighter in very low light or to make your flash to soft when there is high light.
    • you can also use off-flash, so for this other equipment are needed, just read one of this article to know detailed information related to off flash photography.
  • Image Size

    • Basically by default image size of your D-SLR is JPEG which not gives you full detailed colors so to get no compressed images then just capture images with RAW format.
    • But normally RAW format not gives you compressed Images so it takes too much amount of store images so if you go big memory card then just capture images in RAW format.
    • Another Reason is that if you want to edit all this family portrait in software like Lightroom then images captured by RAW format gives you full detail of your images if you want to know more detailed information related to RAW and JPEG format or Why RAW format is better than JPEG then find the link below.


Other Features Likes Aperture, exposure or Shutter-speed also matter if you want to capture “Extraordinary Family Portrait”.

7.Best Poses for family photography

Before you shoot with your D-SLR you first check that your D-SLR is fully Charged or not.

like that when you shoot some family photographs you must need to check best posed for family photography.

thanks @ unsplash

if you are pre-planned then you can able to get better results, isn’t it ??, so finds the best poses for family photography on google and then capture all that poses by your side, so it’s impress other as well as you get more credits !! haha.


So that’s My article on “Family Photography Tips”, I hope you like it, and share it, thank you :).

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